This scratch off world map is the absolute coolest? Why? Because one of the things I want to do more in the coming years is travel so, I was really excited when I found this. This scratch off world map allows you to scratch off anywhere you’ve been. It’s a great way to show off and remember all the wonderful places around the world you’ve seen.

parents scratching off world map and boy scratching off a map of the USA with flags
Scratch off all the states you been to or all the countries you’ve been to.

Scratch Off World Map

I have to say, if you like to travel or maybe have a family member or friend that does, this will make the perfect gift! Like it really is!

This World Map Poster Lets You Scratch Off The Places You’ve Been and It’s So Cool!

And it’s always nice to reminisce about the wonderful places you’ve seen!

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Two young boys with mom and dad pointing to places they've been on the scratch off world map hung up in a frame on the wall that is beige
Explore the world and see the different places you’ve been as a family with this scratch off world map.

The best part is, it isn’t just for you. You can easily frame this scratch off world map or even the smaller USA map and hang it up on your wall.

I think this is a particularly cute idea if you’re one of those people who have a dedicated section for all your traveling memories may it be with pictures, décor, souvenirs, etc.

How To Use These Scratch Off Maps?

Mother, father, and child scratching off the world map in south America to show off the countries they have visited
Do it together as a family and enjoy remembering all the wonderful places you’ve seen.

The scratch off part of the maps are actually a type of thin foil. The thin foil actually protects the high quality glossy paper beneath it. So you don’t have to worry about your map getting messed up before or after you scratch it.

Isn’t that cool?

The Black & Gold Scratchable Map will let you track your travels and share your experiences with family and friends! You can even frame it and display it!

Oh, did I mention that these maps are hand drawn?

Bonus detailed USA scratch off map with US states and marker stickers on a black map background
There is also a USA map with states that you can scratch off. How many states have you been to?

What Does This World Map Package Include?

When you buy this you aren’t just getting a map or just two maps, it actually includes a few things which I think is super cool.

The package includes a:

  • World Map
  • Map of the United States


  • Scratch tool
  • Memory stickers to pin each new adventure
  • And a magnifying strip so you can see the smallest details
  • Bag to carry small pieces
  • Map Case
World scratch off map complete with flags, stickers, USA scratch off map with states, state flags, scratchers, cloth, map case, and bag
This scratch off map pack would be a great gift for anyone who travels.

I truly think this is the perfect gift for any traveler and is a nice reminder of all of the places you have been!

You can get the Scratch Off World Map on Amazon for just under $20 here.

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What do you think of this scratch off world map and USA map? How many places have you visited?

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  1. I have one!!! My friends gave it to me two years ago, I never thought that such a simple thing at first glance can motivate me so much))) It is absolutely true and it is really a great self-motivation tool: conquer the world, erase coverage so your scratch map of the world is completely open. Unfortunately because of the events we all know (pandemic Covid 19), in two years I managed to erase only one country on the map((( But this year I have big plans.