You Can Get Your Kids A Sleep Training Alarm Clock To Establish A Good Sleep Schedule

If you’re a parent, you’ve likely experienced nights where your kids just won’t go to sleep. For some, getting kids onto a regular sleep schedule seems like a distant dream.

Well, if you’re looking for a solution to those sleepless nights, say no more!

Don’t let the adorableness of this dog alarm clock fool you. It’s actually a sleep training alarm clock that can help your kids get onto a good sleep schedule.

This Sleep Training Digital Alarm Clock for Kids helps children to stay in bed longer and can help establish consistent sleep patterns.

When it’s time for kids to sleep, the ball on the clock is red, and when it’s time to wake up, the ball turns green and the alarm goes off.

The best part is, kids can’t turn off the alarm early. It has a hidden Parent Compartment where you can set the alarm times without kids accessing it.

The clock can be plugged into an outlet with an AC adapter (included) or powered by 3AA batteries (not included).

I don’t know about you, but nights where I can’t get my kids to sleep, I’ll try just about anything and this just might be the way to do it!

You can get the Puppy Sleep Training Alarm Clock on Amazon for $29.99 here.

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