Ever wanted a makeup brush washing machine? I have! One of my least favorite tasks ever is cleaning my makeup brushes. It just takes forever and it’s messy! Well guess what, there is a makeup brush washing machine gadget that actually makes washing your make up brushes super simple and I’m in love with it!

Three black and gold make up brushes, angled, flat, and round, with brown and white tops help by a hand against a white background- makeup brush washing machine.
This gadget is basically a makeup brush washing machine, perfect for cleaning all your used make up brushes.

Makeup Brush Washing Machine

It sounds too good to be true right? Well guess what? It’s not! This gadget is basically a make up brush washing machine that makes cleaning off make up and gunk easy.

That is why, as soon as I saw this genius gadget, I knew I had to have it!

This is the Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner and it’s basically a tiny washing machine for your makeup brushes.

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Luxe Make Up Brush Cleaner Station With Electronic cleaner with glass bowl, peach colored cleaner in a bottle, and stand for red make up brushes to stand in
Clean your make up brushes and let them dry easily!

What Is The Luxe Make Up Brush Cleaner?

This is an automatic makeup brush cleaner that allows you to clean and dry your makeup brushes in just minutes!

Not only does it have a place for you to wash your brushes without making a mess, but it comes with a brush holder for them to dry and some makeup brush cleaning solution as well.

Which I also appreciate as making my own solution out of Dawn dish soap and olive oil gets to be kind of messy after a while.

Hand holding brush cleaner as make up brush gets twirled in a glass jar with cleaner with other brushes sitting in and near a brush spinner stand on a white counter with flowers, perfume, and makeup
Don’t worry about making a mess or taking forever cleaning your brushes. They get cleaned in seconds!

How Do You Use The Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner?

You simply fill the little jar with the makeup brush cleaning solution and water. Then attach your makeup brush to the brush spinner and stick inside the solution.

Brush being washed in the glass jar with water turning dirty because of make up and the second picture is of a clean fluffy black makeup brush after washing
Image From Amazon Reviewer. – Look how it cleans the make up from the brush. You can see all the makeup in the water.

The brush spinner will then spin your makeup brushes into the solution cleaning it.

You can then remove from the solution and use the makeup brush spinner to spin your makeup brushes dry. Easy peasy!

3 simple steps to cleaning your makeup brushes- step 1 warm water and cleaning solution, step 2 add rubber adaptor dunk brush and spin brush until clean, step 3 remove brush and spin dry and reshape
There are only 3 steps to get clean make up brushes!

This is a top-rated makeup brush cleaner and I for one, cannot wait to give it a try. It seems pretty genius if you ask me!

Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner Specs

Features of makeup brush washing machine- rechargeable usb doc, LED power light, indicator light shows when charged, 3 spin speeds, 8 rubber holders for any size brush, high quality break resistant bowl, brush splays to dry in seconds
This makeup brush washing machine comes with so many cool features.

This Luxe makeup brush cleaner is basically a makeup brush washing machine with a bunch of cool features like:

  • USB Rechargeable Port
  • 3 Spin Speeds
  • High Quality Break Resistant Bowl
  • 8 Rubber Holders For Any Brush Size
  • LED Power Button Light
  • Indicator Showing When Charged or Charging

You can get the Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner on Amazon for around $30 here.

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What do you think about this makeup brush washing machine? Do you think you would use it?

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