The Safest Way To Travel With Your Kids During The COVID-19 Pandemic – What You Need to Know According To The Experts

Here is a summary of research online from scientific and reputable websites, this is what was found according to experts! KAB has two physicians on staff to back up these findings. You can be assured knowing that this information is what scientists and experts recommend for families who wish to travel during the pandemic.

Searching for this information online can be overwhelming but, here is a simplified version. During the corona virus pandemic every family’s first priority is to keep their kids safe and healthy especially while traveling. Here are some tips to reduce your family’s risk and to keep your family healthy while traveling.

How To Travel During The COVID-19 Pandemic With Your Kids

Expert Recommendations For Traveling With Kids During COVID-19

The CDC has provided tips to keep children healthy and how to fly with your kids during the pandemic. AARP has also provided road trip safety tips during the pandemic. Here’s what I took away from those posts and what they recommend!

Note pad with check list that says  social distance, wash hands and clean surface & Keyboard with blue keys that say tips and tricks and a light bulb
Let’s get into the tips & tricks for your family!

The CDC’s Recommendations For Keeping Your Kids Healthy During The COVID-19 Pandemic:

The CDC recommends first that you encourage your children to wash their hands regularly or use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.

Second, they recommend that your children wear a mask if they are 2 years or older.

Third, make sure to encourage your children to socially distance by maintaining at least 6 feet of distance.

Fourth, encourage your children to cover their coughs and sneezes, we don’t want to be spreading any germs!

Lastly, the CDC recommends that you take your children to their wellness checks. With all of these recommendations in mind and encouraging your child to follow them, your child’s health will be protected.

Kid with thumbs up and a mask & another kid washing hands
Make sure your little ones wash up & stay safe!

AARP’s Recommendations For Taking a Road Trip During The Pandemic:

AARP‘s first recommendation is to carefully plan out your road trip route. They have a list of things to consider before taking off on your family trip, check out what they have listed.

Next, they recommend to get your sanitization supplies and face coverings prepared and packed.

A good tip is to make a check list of all the supplies you and your family might need. In addition, AARP recommends when dining in to remember to expect changes in different places you visit.

Mother giving son hand sanitizer.
Mom always knows best!

Some Additional Tips From Moms

Here are some additional tips from Holly Homer herself! She is passionate about traveling and felt that all mom’s could benefit from these recommendations. Holly has come up with tips for flying and driving during the pandemic. Keep reading to learn more!

When Flying:

Pack a lunch for each traveler…even the adults.  Airports may not be full of people, but not all of the usual restaurants and take-out places are open. 

Those restaurants that are open have long lines and crowded tables that are best to avoid. Packing a lunch for each person that can either be eaten in a quiet spot in the airport or on the plane can help avoid situations that are not only risky, but stressful and annoying!

Pack more than one type of mask especially for a long travel day. We found that the disposable masks pulled on one place behind the ears after wearing for 4-5 hours that became raw and was difficult to cushion once irritated. 

Having a different style or fabric type of mask to change out mid-trip can help reduce the irritation created by all-day (and sometimes into the night) mask wearing.

  It is best to change out your mask multiple times throughout the day anyway because your mask will pick up particles in each new environment you enter.

When driving:

Because more families are choosing the drive vs. fly, rest areas and gas stations can be more crowded than usual.

  As long as you know this, you can make arrangements to minimize stops. The good news is that we found even in the most remote West Texas truck stop everyone was wearing masks, following social distancing and extending grace to fellow travelers.

I also like to take several kinds of hand sanitizer or hand wipes. There are some types of hand sanitizer that are less drying to the hands and tolerated by sensitive skin more easily. 

We usually don’t have to worry about that during an average day at home, but when you think of potentially using it 10-20 times in a day, it can become an issue.

Kids giving high-five in the car with tablets
Your next trip will be a success!

I hope all of these COVID traveling tips give you some reassurance for your next trip. I know your family will be sure to stay safe, healthy and have so much fun on the next trip you plan. Safe travels and of course enjoy time with your loved ones!

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