As a new mom, there is nothing worse than being out with your baby and without proper supplies. Baby lost his pacifier? Grab an extra from the diaper bag. Yucky blow out? Fresh and clean diapers on standby. Spit up everywhere? Change of clothes just in case.  But I found that the more I had to go out with the baby, the less I wanted to haul stuff around. I would sometimes try to “risk it” and try to run in and out quickly when on errands — that usually didn’t end well.  I knew there had to be a better way, so I put together a Just In Case Kit featuring the best essentials for baby travel. It’s perfect for those times when you’re out of the house with the baby and may have forgotten (or in my case, purposefully left because you didn’t want to have to carry it!) something essential. 
baby travel supplies
This Just in Case Kit has everything you need when traveling with a baby!
We were so excited when Chicco asked us to take a look at their new Chicco PhysioForma Pacifiers — I knew they would be the perfect partner for this post. I mean, a pacifier is probably the most essential item and it’s often the most misplaced, am I right?  Pacifiers are created to encourage babies to self-soothe and relax themselves, while also potentially helping prevent SIDS. Chicco pacifiers provide these advantages along with specific health benefits, such as actively supporting babies’ breathing and the natural development of the palate and teeth.
Chicco PhysioForma Pacifiers
Chicco PhysioForma Pacifiers offer an exclusive nipple design that helps position the baby’s tongue forward.
Chicco PhysioForma Pacifiers offer an exclusive nipple design that helps position the baby’s tongue forward. This helps to maintain an open airway and supports the baby’s physiological breathing. The lateral curve of the nipple evenly distributes the tongue’s pressure against the palate, and its tiny ridges and inclined nipple shape guide proper tongue placement, supporting development of baby’s palate and teeth. This one-piece extra-soft, satin-textured 100% silicone nipple also gives the baby more comfort while preventing slip. These are the types of pacifiers recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Plus, the handle gives your baby something to hold or gum on. When your baby feels comfortable by soothing and sleeping with a pacifier, they are less likely to stir awake and easier to put back to sleep — just what you need when trying to get your baby to relax while on the road.
Chicco PhysioForma Pacifiers
Chicco PhysioForma Pacifiers feature a one-piece extra-soft, satin-textured 100% silicone nipple to give the baby more comfort while preventing slip.
It really is the perfect pacifier. And it’s the first must-have for our “Just in Case” Kit.
baby travel kit
Essential items for a baby travel kit.

Best Essentials for Baby Travel

Here’s what you need to put together your own Just in Case Kit: Of course, you could personalize your kit with items specific to your baby. Is there a lovie that they can’t leave home without? Buy an extra and pop it in the kit. Do you bottle feed? Make sure to have some extra bottles and formula.  One of my friends told me that she always carries a bag of puppy training pads in the back of her car so that if her baby gets sick or leaks out of her diaper, she can change the baby into clean clothes and use the puppy pads to line the car seat until she can get home to clean it. Genius. Other ideas could be a change of clothes for Mom (hello, spit up), extra medicine, or anything else you think you might need.  Here’s what ours looks like put together:
Travel necessities for baby
Our baby travel kit features a blanket, towel, diapers, wipes, trash bags, and extra clothes.
I used a plastic storage container that would fit some smaller trays to keep our kit organized. This is a view of the bottom of the kit — we’ve got a towel, blanket, clothes, diapers, wipes, and small trash bags here. 
Just in Case Kit
Our top essentials for baby travel include Chicco PhysioForma Pacifiers and accessories, snacks, zipper bags, and a first aid kit.
And here is a tray that sits on top of the bottom layer. It contains our Chicco PhysioForma Pacifiers, snacks, first aid it, plastic zipper bags, and a wet erase marker. Why the marker? Because a Just in Case Kit is no good to you if any of the items run out and you forget to refill them. 
baby travel items
This printable baby travel checklist makes it easy to know if you need to stock up on supplies.
For our kit, I laminated the printable supply list and used a wet erase marker to add an inventory count next to each item. The wet erase marker ensures that the count won’t accidentally get erased. And when you need to update it, just use one of the baby wipes from the container to erase what is needed and update it.  I put the number of items in the kit on some things, but others, like the small garbage bags, I put an “F” for full. Once they get low, I’ll update that so that I know I need a new pack.  Just in Case Kit This idea can also be adapted for older kids — now that my son is eight, I make sure to have lots of first aid items, medicine, and a few absorbent vomit bags on hand in my car. It really is called a Just in Case Kit for a reason.  But for those of you with babies still at home, we can’t recommend Chicco PhysioForma Pacifiers enough. Their thoughtful design is just what I wish we had when my son was younger.  Traveling with kids? The check out these car activities for toddlers!

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