What is Kwanzaa? Free Printable Facts About Kwanzaa

What is Kwanzaa? Kwanzaa is a celebration that honors and celebrates African-American heritage, culture, and traditions. Today we are learning about Kwanzaa with these exciting 10 facts about Kwanzaa coloring pages!

These printable coloring sheets include two pages with facts about Kwanzaa that kids can color as they learn about this week-long holiday.

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Let’s learn some interesting facts about Kwanzaa!

Our Kwanzaa facts coloring pages are perfect for kids of all ages that are learning about African-American culture and its roots. They can be used during school, or at home for some extra learning.

This celebration lasts for seven days, from December 26th to January 1st, and is celebrated mostly in the United States. Many people join the celebration by decorating their houses in African art and the typical Kwanzaa colors, which are green, black, and red. Kwanzaa was created by Dr. Maulana Korenga in 1966, and the word Kwanzaa comes from a Swahili phrase that means “first fruits of the harvest.”

This celebration includes seven symbols or principles, and each day is dedicated to honoring each principle. These principles include:

  • Umoja – Unity
  • Kujichagulia – Self determination
  • Ujima – Collective work and responsibility
  • Ujamaa – Cooperative economics
  • Nia – Purpose
  • Kuumba – Creativity
  • Imani – Faith.

We will list our 10 facts about Kwanzaa here, but we recommend downloading and printing them because learning is always more fun when coloring is included, don’t you think?

10 interesting facts about Kwanzaa

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This page includes the first 5 facts about Kwanzaa.
  1. Kwanzaa is celebrated for seven days, from December 26th to January 1st.
  2. Kwanzaa was started in 1966 by Dr. Maluana Karenga to celebrate African culture, and it is mainly celebrated in the US. 
  3. There are about 18 million people who celebrate Kwanzaa. 
  4. On the last day, people who celebrate Kwanzaa have a big feast called Karamu.  
  5. There are seven principles of Kwanzaa, and each of the seven days of the celebration is dedicated to one of these principles.
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…and these are the rest of our Kwanzaa facts for kids!
  1. Many people celebrate by decorating their home in African art as well as the traditional colors: green, black, and red.
  2. Kwanzaa is not considered a religious holiday.
  3. The word Kwanzaa comes from Swahili, the largest spoken language on the African continent.
  4. Kwanzaa means “first fruits” in Swahili.
  5. The first US postage stamp that commemorates Kwanzaa was issued in 1997, and since then, there have been other 5 designs released.
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Let’s learn about Kwanzaa with these coloring pages!


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