There are so many things you can do while blowing bubbles. You can simply chase them and that is a lot of fun to do, but you can add in learning and that can be fun too.

Here are some way you can tie learning to bubble blowing fun:

You can sing a song with chasing blown bubbles.

You can select a letter of the alphabet and have your children shout out a word that starts with that letter as they pop each bubble.

You can call out an animal and have them make the noise that animal makes while chasing down a bubble.

You can call out an animal and have them try to move like that animal to the bubbles.

You can call out a way to move toward the bubbles like hopping, skipping, running, jumping, galloping, walking sideways, etc ¦

You can clap out a hand rhythm and have them clap or pop the bubbles with that rhythm.

You can have your children try blowing the bubbles like the wind.

You can have them flap their hands up, down, or from the side to see if they can get a bubble to change direction.

You can give your child a fly swatter and have them swat at the bubbles.

You can have them count up to a certain number with you and then race off to catch a bubble.

I hope that no matter what you do when blowing bubbles that you have a wonderful time.

Here is some more bubbly fun:

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  1. I’ve never thought about doing anything but chasing the bubbles! This is a great list! pinning it 🙂