Spring is coming and I can’t think of a better thing to get your kids than bubbles. Actually, Target is Selling A Baby Shark Bubble Blaster (which is even better) and You Know Your Kids Need It!


While on one of my many Target visits this week, I came across this bright yellow Baby Shark Bubble Blaster and I HAD to get it for my 1-year-old daughter who is OBSESSED with Baby Shark. Sure, she won’t be able to use it on her own just yet but I can totally make the bubbles for her.

This bubble blaster creates fun bubbles automatically and even plays the Baby Shark Song while doing it!

Create endless bubble fun with Baby Shark! This Baby Shark bubble blaster launches a continuous stream of bubbles while playing the full-length hit Baby Shark Song with over 4 billion views! Perfect for outside play, this SHARK-tastic bubble blaster will get little ones singing, dancing, and catching bubbles. Bubble Solution is kid-safe and non-toxic. Requires two AA Batteries, not included. For ages 3 and older.

You guys!! Isn’t this adorable?! 

Plus, it is easy to use. Just load the bubble solution by screwing the bottle to the bottom of the blaster underneath Baby Shark’s mouth.

Target is currently the only place I can find it and they are selling it for $12.99. You can grab one online at Target Here.

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