Sewing ideas for kids! Sewing is a great skill to learn as a child. When my mom came to visit us this year one of her ‘things to do with granddaughter’ – was to teach her some basic sewing. They practiced all month. It was a great way for my mom to bond with her granddaughter. When she left I start brainstorming of some fun  sewing ideas for kids that I could still motivate and interest my daughter to keep on sewing even without grandmother. I am sharing today our embroidery project that we did as a gift for the grandmother.   sewing ideas for kids

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Sewing Ideas Kids

You will need: embroidery stitching Directions: 1. Let the child draw the drawing on the chosen fabric. We used regular marker and it seemed to be fine. You could also try using fabric marker. 2. After the picture is done, arrange the fabric on the embroidery hoop, by making it pretty tight. 3. Help your child with the thread and needle and inspire her to decorate the drawing however she wants by doing some basic stitching. My daughter choose to decorate the dresses. She added some ‘touches’ to the hair as well. sewing ideas for kids

The benefits of embroidery for kids

Embroidery is a great way to introduce different art and craft activities for your kids. It’s awesome for creativity. Also, embroidery is good for practicing fine motor skills and ..patience of course. I used do some embroidery when I was younger and I did it for one thing – to calm myself down. It worked like magic! So I am planning on doing some embroidery with my daughter more often, especially in the evenings. embroidery project To remember the first embroidery project we decided to leave it in the embroidery hoop as a frame (we thought it looked pretty cool). We attached little string (optional) so it could be hanged on the wall and decided to give this project as a gift to the grandmother – as a gift and a “thank you for teaching me how to sew”. Grandma was so proud.

More Sewing Ideas for Kids

free printable sewing cards Did you and your family enjoy this sewing activity? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear! Also, be sure to join us over on our Facebook page.

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