The Author of ‘Captain Underpants’ Is Giving Free Drawing Lessons and Readings

‘Captain Underpants’ and ‘Dog Man’ fans get excited. The author/illustrator behind the bestselling series, Dav Pilkey, is offering virtual readings and drawing lessons. Bonus: they’re all free too. 

Source: Shawn Miller/Library of Congress

When and Where to Find the ‘Captain Underpants’-Inspired Lessons

Pilkey plans to release an original video lesson every Friday, starting April 3, at 8 am Eastern. The lessons feature things like how to create and draw your own characters. Pilkey may even act out some scenes from his popular books, which promises to delight young and older viewers alike. 

Dog Man
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The creator of ‘Captain Underpants’ is offering these free lessons in partnership with the Library of Congress and Scholastic. That means you’ll find all videos on both the Library of Congress and Scholastic websites, as well as their social media channels.

Additional Educational Resources

While the Library of Congress is closed, they also plan to release a plethora of other fun, free activities online starting April 1. These downloadable activities will feature things like how-do-draw demonstrations from their collection. They also plan to release other read-a-louds from children’s book authors. They’re releasing these free resources in hopes of encouraging creativity as well as fostering conversations about books while kids are stuck at home

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About Dav Pilkey’s Books

While enjoying the free resources and video lessons, why not read (or re-read) ‘Captain Underpants‘ and ‘Dog Man‘? 

‘Captain Underpants’ features two best friends, Harold and George, who create their own comic book. They “kinda on purpose” hypnotize their principal, who becomes the hyperactive and silly “superhero” that the series is named after.

Captain Underpants
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‘Dog Man’ is a result of the same Captain Underpants universe. After all, this half-dog, half-man superhero was also created by Harold and George. In both books, kids will love the potty humor and jokes, along with the colorful illustrations. 

So, if Dav Pilkey’s video lessons are anything like his hysterical books? Your kids are going to have a blast learning about writing and illustrating. 


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  1. Thank you. What a gift this is and so appreciated that you’re giving back in this incredible way. The box set of Dogman is one of our purchases since we’ve been in isolation. It’s my son’s favorite.

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