While we still aren’t quite sure what the new school year is going to hold, many teachers are beginning to prepare for situations where they and their students will be back in the classroom, and the kinds of activities they might need to create.

Courtesy of Cassie Stephens

One elementary school art teacher in Nashville, Tennessee, has created an amazing get to know you activity for her students, and is sharing it on Facebook to inspire other teachers.

Cassie Stephens shares, “When my students return in the fall (and, yes, I said ‘when’ as I’m optimistic), they will be asked to wear a mask. We usually begin the school year with a self-portrait so I decided to put a spin on it!”

Courtesy of Cassie Stephens

Instead of a simple self portrait, this foldable self portrait shows each child’s face wearing a mask, then when unfolded, the mask moves down to finish the face drawing and add words to describe the student.

This looks like such an amazing idea for a classroom to help the kids process what their new classrooms might be like. You could even use it with a scouting group or a Sunday school class or anywhere else you’ll be having a new group of children coming together this fall.

Courtesy of Cassie Stephens

To get all the details, including a step by step video on how to create these art projects, Ms. Stephen’s has all the details at Behind My Mask: A Super Kid Self Portrait.



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