This Bag o’ Beach Bones Playset is Perfect for Your Kid’s Next Sand Adventure

Don’t get me wrong. My kids love building sandcastles when we’re at the beach. They love filling up their buckets, dumping them over, tapping them just right, and creating a world of sand castles and moats. But I have a feeling they’re going to get a huge kick out of this Bag o’ Beach Bones the next time we’re playing in the sand.

Kids can create a pirate adventure on the beach with this Bag o’ Beach Bones. Source: Amazon

Beach Bones SEt for Kids

That’s because these plastic sand toys are perfecting for building a skeleton in the sand.

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Yes, you read that right.

Toysmith makes molds of bones, which are perfect for building skeletons!

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Source: Amazon

What Comes in Bag o Bones?

The set comes with 14 bone molds total, and when they’re put together they’ll form a life-size sand skeleton.

I love the description of the hands and toes: “Hand and feet bones are connected in one mold so fingers and toes will always come out intact.”

Because intact bones are important.

Source: Amazon

Fun on the Beach or in the Sandbox

But seriously. The possibilities for imaginative play with these bone molds are endless! I can already picture my kids having a “pirate adventure” after they’ve made some sand bones.

Homeschooling? They are also a great way to teach your kids about the skeletal system.

Source: Amazon

Bag of Bones is Easy to Store

Come winter time, don’t put those bones away. The Bag o’ Beach bones also work well in snow. (It’s a good thing the molds are blue — they’re easier to find that way!)

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Toysmith Get Outside Bag o’ Beach Bones Playset is available on Amazon for a reasonable $17.99.

Source: Amazon

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Do you have a bag of bones for the beach?

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