Today, we are featuring four super cute free kids printable seek and finds from the Little Bunny series!

We love seek and finds games for preschoolers because it helps them with image identification.  These seek and finds are perfect for introducing seasons and the changes that happens 4 times a year when spring, summer, fall and winter roll around.

Download here:

free printable seek and find game for kids - shown are spring, summer, fall and winter versions of the seeks and find worksheets
Which season seek and finds will you start with?!

Seek and Find Printable Game

This seek and find set of printables includes 4 pages.  One for each season of the year:

  • Spring – The Little Bunnies are in the garden surrounded by growing vegetables.  Preschoolers will find objects in the picture like a flower, heart, butterfly and a spoon that are hiding in the image.
  • Summer – The Little Bunnies are having a picnic under a large shade tree.  Kids will search for objects like a firefly, ice cream cone and a kite that are hidden in the picture.
  • Fall – The Little Bunnies are frolicking in the autumn leaves.  Some of the bunnies are in the tree shaking down autumn leaves while the others are piling the leaves and playing in the pile of leaves.  Preschoolers will find all 10 Little Bunnies in this search puzzle.
  • Winter – The Little Bunnies are surrounded by unique and shape-filled snowflakes.  Preschoolers will search and identify shapes that are hidden inside the snowflakes that are hidden inside this winter scene!

The 4 seek and finds pages are perfect for teaching the seasons. Children will enjoy finding the hidden pictures while coloring in the images.

These search puzzles for preschoolers are perfect quiet time coloring pages to reinforce the concept of the 4 seasons.  They love the look and find concept because it gives small wins throughout the activity time spent!

Click here to download and print the hidden pictures games:

Search and Find Ideas for Kids

When kids are done, come show us your finished pages on our FB wall  and post your child’s completed search and find pages.

Did your kids find all the hidden pictures?

We’d love to hear if kids have enjoyed playing these seek and find puzzles.  

If you need a laugh today, check out something that was recently added to our FB page, we called out for pictures of when hide and seek kids go wrong…!

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What printable coloring game will you play next?

Have fun seeking! Have fun searching! Have fun finding! Have fun learning!

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