Microsoft Minecraft Education Edition
Minecraft lovers: The new Education Edition is already available for Chromebooks!

Minecraft isn’t just a game. Kids all over the world love it and can spend entire days playing it if possible, but can it be educational too?

Absolutely! Minecraft is an engaging and creative game, similar to Legos, but without the mess! Minecraft is all about letting players place and break 3D blocks while getting all the materials and tools to create these spaces.

And for Chromebooks users, we have fantastic news related to education edition minecraft! Students everywhere can download minecraft for Chromebooks today and play minecraft at school. Yay!

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Educational Minecraft

Minecraft: Education Edition is Now Available for Free Through June 2020
Minecraft: Education Edition comes to Chromebooks just in time for the new academic year.

Minecraft has evolved so much that now it can be used as a learning platform for students going back to school.

For example, two creative teens recreated their high school in minecraft using nearly 10 million blocks! That’s total dedication and it shows how much can actually be done on this game, which can be found on the google play store.

In Japan, one elementary school class didn’t want to pass up the chance to have one final celebration, so they celebrated their elementary graduation on Minecraft! Definitely a new experience.

Educational minecraft
Hemet’s Western Center Academy, recreated by students Rebecca Pizzitola and Caroline Lovett. The build took 18 days and nearly 10 million blocks. (Screenshot courtesy of Caroline Lovett)

Minecraft: Education Edition is a learning platform based on the original game, and it’s available in more than 115 countries. Minecraft promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving skills. It will have Chromebook support available so educators can experience new learning models from home.

Since the game is extremely popular among kids of all ages, it’s no surprise minecraft in the classroom will keep students engaged the entire time.

Minecraft for Chromebooks

According to Microsoft Minecraft: Education Edition official website:

“With this edition, students can explore resources for distance learning and stay connected to the classroom. Among the many things they can do, students can explore energy and sustainability with renewable energy lessons and ignite STEM learning, and they can learn to code in the new Hour of Code lesson, available as a free demo. Students will be able to write code to prevent forest fires and discover the basics of artificial intelligence.”

Minecraft: Education Edition is Now Available for Free Through June 2020
Minecraft: Education Edition is new way to support educators and engage learners during back to school.

One of my favorite parts about Minecraft: Education Edition is that it promotes inclusive classrooms and social-emotional learning, which is very needed in today’s world.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Minecraft: Education Edition to check if your account is elegible and get a free copy for your Chromebook today!

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