This Minecraft lamp is perfect for any kids (or adults) who love Minecraft! This Minecraft lamp is so unique and awesome and shows off another of different Minecraft blocks and terrain that kids of all ages will have a blast building their own Minecraft lamp! Keep the Creepers, Zombies, and Endermen away using this epic Minecraft lamp!

Minecraft Lamp- Lamp made of minecraft blocks on a white background with 16 blocks from food, tools, tables, to biomes, and bedrock

Minecraft Lamp

As soon as it turns night in Minecraft, we all know that means the spiders, creepers and zombies come out. Well, your kids can keep the creepers at bay by building their own Minecraft Block Lamp that they can interchange as much as they want to.

Any avid Minecraft player will adore this Minecraft lamp. It’s so cool, fun, and it’s perfect for anyone who needs a little extra light to sleep. Build it up or down anyway you want and make this Minecraft lamp look anyway you want!

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How Does The Minecraft Lamp Work?

Glowing Minecraft Lamp with 16 blocks on a bed side table next to a pillow and blanket

This Minecraft block lamp comes with 16 Rearrangeable Light Blocks that easily snap inside of each other. The base plugs in and when turned on, the Minecraft blocks illuminate at night. Your kids can then change up the look of their lamp as much as they want!

What Minecraft Blocks Come With This Minecraft Lamp?

Text: Snap Blocks Together- Minecraft Lamp- shows hand putting together lamp against a black background

If you’re a Minecraft player than you recognize the blocks that come with this lamp. But if you’re not, we’ll help you out! This Minecraft lamp comes with:

  • Bedrock (base)
  • 4 Grass and Dirt Blocks
  • 1 Block Of Redstone
  • 1 Block of Gold Ore
  • 1 Block of Diamonds
  • 2 Magma Blocks
  • 1 Minecraft Lamp Block
  • 1 Block of TNT
  • 1 Block of Watermelon
  • 1 Jack-o-Lantern Block
  • 1 Crafting Table Block
  • 1 Furnace Block
  • 1 Block of Glowstone

Pretty cool right? I love that the Minecraft furnace looks like it’s one. Do you think it’s cooking food or ore? I also really like the diversity in blocks from tables, biome, and ore. And some fun ones like the Jack-o-lantern block and watermelon block.

Minecraft Lamp against a black background with glowing 16 blocks

This Minecraft Lamp Is The Perfect Gift

If you have a Minecraft fan in your life like I do, you need to get this lamp. It would make a great gift! Use it as a nightlight or a lamp. But it’s perfect as a gift for anyone who games or loves Minecraft. Put this Minecraft lamp in your child’s room, baby’s room, office, man cave, home office, etc. It’s super awesome and I love it. I know what I’ll be buying for a few Christmas presents this year.

Text: Mix and Match make your lights as unique as you are- Minecraft Lamp against a white background

You can get the Minecraft Block Lamp on Amazon for $69.99 here.

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Do you have a Minecraft lamp? If not will you be getting one?

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