Combining exercise and fun is always great and that’s why I just know your kids will love this free printable Let’s Be Fit Board Game. We are huge fans of free printable games, the more the better! Let's Get Fit Board Game

Free Printable Let’s Be Fit Board Game

This game is perfect for a rainy day when your kids have a lot of energy and no place to let it out! The whole family can enjoy this game – after all we all need to be active and fit!

The Printable Let’s Get Fit Board Game  Pack  Includes

  • 1 page with a board game board.
  • and 1 page with 10 activity cards with exercises.
  • 1 page with 10 blank activity cards so you can easily add your own.
  • and 1 page with medals to count “scores”.

How to Play Let’s Get Fit Board Game:

Print all the game pieces (use the blank activity cards to add your own exercises that best suit your kids physical level). You will also need play figures and a dice. Players start at the start field. They take turns throwing the dice and moving their figures around the track and when they land on the field with the medal they take an activity card and do what is asked from them. When they finish the exercise they are awarded a medal. The game lasts until a player gets a certain number of medals (can be 5, 10, 20… you decide the number). The rules are flexible – you can come up with your own, can decide what happens if two figures land on the same space, with how many dices the game is played… It’s all about having active fun!

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