The wait is over, and kids everywhere will be thrilled to have a new game to play while they’re stuck at home!

Minecraft Dungeons is officially out. But while the video game comes from Xbox Game Studios like its predecessor, this new game charges players with a different task.

The new Minecraft Dungeons game is officially out! Source: Facebook/Minecraft Dungeons

What Makes Minecraft Dungeons Different

While the original Minecraft focuses on building and terraforming, Minecraft Dungeons is all about adventure. The goal: go on missions, explore caves, and protect villagers from the game’s antagonist, the evil Arch-Illager and his army.

While similar to the dungeon crawler game, Minecraft Dungeons is different in that it simplifies it all. Players can still loot for weapons and hunt for treasures. They can also form teams and learn a bit about working together and cooperating.

Minecraft Dungeons is suggested for kids age 10 or older, and it sounds like it’s ideal for that age. Adults can still play, but with the simplified tasks, chances are we’ll have more fun playing in teams rather than solo.

But chances are even younger players will want to play with teams. The Dungeons video game has a feature that pops up if a player gets separated from their team.

It asks: “Feeling Lonely?” With a quick push of the F1 button, players can teleport right to their friends. Minecraft might be a virtual world, but in today’s world of social distancing, that’s a pretty cool feature.


Want Minecraft Dungeons for your kids (or yourself)? It’s available for purchase with multiple gaming consoles, including Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch, Windows, and Playstation 4. The standard version is available for $19.99. But if you want some added features — including a hero’s cape — and access to future content, the $29.99 is totally the way to go.

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