When two California teens were looking for a way to cope during the lockdown they turned to Minecraft. The result?

They recreated their school, Western Center Academy in Hemet, California. That’s total dedication, and it turned into a pretty amazing gift to the student population who missed walking the school hallways.

Western Center Academy teens Rebecca Pizzitola and Caroline Lovett recreated their school in the popular video game Minecraft. Screenshot courtesy of Caroline Lovett/PE.com

More about this Minecraft Virtual School

Like many schools around the U.S., Western Center Academy turned to online learning during the pandemic. The students were plenty busy with eLearning, but 16-year-old Rebecca Pizzitola wanted to do something to unwind after her daily school work was done.

Screenshot courtesy of Caroline Lovett/PE.com

Pizzitola first got the idea in mid-April after seeing a video of Minecraft Disneyland.

As she told Pe.com, “It was just the coolest thing ever and you could go on the rides. I thought ‘we should do that for school.'”

So that’s what she did, along with her friend Caroline Lovett.

Screenshot courtesy of Caroline Lovett/PE.com

The entire Minecraft design took the girls 18 days total and an astounding 9,852,258 blocks. The girls worked together throughout the build as they both knew about different rooms on the campus. This wasn’t a graded project by any means, but I’m guessing the girls learned a ton during the process, all while finding a healthy way to cope with being in lockdown.

Due to their hard work, their classmates at the STEM charter school were able to virtually visit their classrooms. It might not have been the same thing as being in class again, but it’s a pretty cool experience.

Screenshot courtesy of Caroline Lovett/PE.com

That said, the two teens did set some restrictions on what their classmates could do. (In other words, there was no digging allowed, or exploding creepers.). Students could explore the map and campus, as well as teleport, but that’s it.

Even so, it was school, and classmate, approved.

When the two teens return to the academy this Fall, they’ll both be seniors.

Isn’t this just amazing?

Screenshot courtesy of Caroline Lovett/PE.com

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