This year Santa will deliver more video games to girls than any other year to date.

gaming girl{Image stolen from Jamie – taken at Games for Girls Summit in Dallas}

Is it that this generation of girls is more interested in gaming?   Or are the new games more appealing to girls? I personally think it is a combination of both.   With the availability of gaming platforms in most homes, portable gaming systems accompanying kids everywhere, and portable devices like smart phones and tablets, it is just EASIER to play then ever before.   The new games tie in girls’ favorite toys and are more interactive and social. Gaming for girls is not just all play, a new family life study from BYU found girls who play video games with a parent were more likely to behave better, feel more connected with their family and have stronger mental health. The most popular platform for kids is still the DS.   45% of all kids ages 8-15 play games regularly on their Nintendo DS.   I see this in my own home with my kids.   If we are leaving the house for more than a 15 minute ride, 3 DS’s are always along for entertainment purposes.

girls playing video gamesIn celebration of gaming girls, I was really excited to host the Activision’s Games for Girls Summit in Dallas yesterday.   30 bloggers and their daughters {we did let the boys in too} invaded a local hotel for several hours of gaming fun.

We heard from Techlicious editor, Suzanne Kantra, about the research surrounding girls and gaming.   I was surprised at the fact that 80% of the gaming experience is failing, but this helps kids learn to deal with that part of life.

Nicole Armstrong who is the Director of Marketing for Activision showed us the most recent titles for girls.   We saw a demo of each game and could experiment with them ourselves if we could find an available DS {often that required wrangling it away from a girl!}.   I loved how each game had something special about it.

Video games for girls

Lalaloopsy DSLalaloopsy

The Lalaloopsy dolls have been wildly popular over the last year and now girls can step into their whimsical world.

This game features play with all 12 dolls with the same familiar colorful palette.   The activities stress friendship, crafts, personalization, rewards, hidden collectibles and is packaged with a limited edition Minim Lalaloopsy doll.

Lalaloopy: Sew Magical! Sew Cute! for Nintendo DS

Moshi MonstersMoshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is the fastest growing online game for children with over 50 million players!   This game takes Moshi Monsters mobile on the Nintendo DS. Game play includes extended exploration of the Wolly Wilderness where ULTRA RARE Moshlings can be found and added to your Moshling zoo.   Exclusive mini-games can help increase Moshling’s level, mood, health and happiness.   Ultimately, kids can unlock ULTRA RARE Moshi Monster rewards and items that can be used in the online game. Moshi Monsters

Squinkies DSSquinkies 2:   Adventure Mall Surprize!

This game is set up with even the youngest girl gamer in mind.   There are 600 Squinkies in the game, some that are playable characters and others that can be added to the collection which include 10 “rare” and un-lockable friends.

Gamers will explore four play areas with four stages each.   Game is packaged with an exclusive, limited release and ultra-rare 3-piece Squinkies playset.

Squinkies 2 W/Toy

Wappy DS with dogWappy Dog

OK, this is the coolest thing EVER.

You get a dog and you have a DS and the DS tells the dog what to do.

Even without the DS, when you pet Wappy he gets really excited and interacts.   He is seriously the world’s most perfect dog.

The game includes mini-games that can be played with Wappy or without Wappy when the child places the game into “travel mode” and only virtual Wappy interacts.

Shhhh…my boys…yes, boys…are getting this one for Christmas.

Wappy Dog with Interactive Toy

Zhu Zhu BabiesZhuZhu Babies

The ZhuZhu babies go virtual.   Girls can join Razzmataz on a safari trip with the goal to bring him home safely. This game includes 11 babies – both new and familiar characters, each with their own personality.   There are over 35 levels that literally travel around the world. Zhu Zhu Babies

Zoobles DSZoobles

The Zoobles game for DS was declared “the best” of all the games by an experienced girl gamer (age 7) that I trust. In this game Zoobles magically come to life and the player explores 6 distinct lands in Zooble Isle.   The game play is more traditional and the characters seem almost endless. Zoobles It was a great day.   I couldn’t wait to get home and share what I learned with my kids…even if they are boys. I have been working with Activision over the last few months on the Games for Girls Summit which visited 5 cities this fall.   I received a goody bag of products from the event. Thanks Activision!

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  1. Look at that adorable kid! 🙂

    And for the record–I am not ALSO obsessed with the Zoobles game. As in, it’s 2am, and I keep saying– okay after I earn just ONE MORE reward, I will go to bed… I’ve been saying that for the past two hours.