We are a video game family.  With three boys ages 7-12, video games are usually in the middle of much of our play!  I love how these games have evolved to include characters that the kids embrace and “know”. One way to inspire kids to get active is to be inspired by their favorite games. 10 Video Game Inspired Activities for Kids Here are some of our favorite ways to play with the game without the video!  Several of the activities listed below were part of a sponsored campaign that I did with Disney Infinity at Spoonful.  I also have a relationship with Activision and have been a Nintendo Ambassador for several years.

 Video Game Activities for Kids

Make the Incredibles Glider – This activity is one that I did as part of the Disney Infinity campaign.  We made a paper airplane inspired by the Incredibles and it flew great.  Seriously, it is one of the best gliders we have ever folded.  My boys found that a heavier paper like we used for this activity can allow the airplane to fly longer and be more accurate as well. Learn How to Draw Pikmin  – Here are the simple steps to draw Yellow Pikmin – easy enough for kids to master! Be a Kid-Critic – Have kids review or give level-winning hints on video or as an essay.  Kids are full of opinions and advice and this can help channel this into critical thinking and practice expressing their ideas about something they love…or hate! Make a Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack  – This is preciously cute to the power of Infinity and beyond.  Create a jet pack that Buzz would be proud to own. Pirate Escape Raft – This raft was inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean as an alternate method of transportation for Jack Sparrow in your bathtub.  It uses a zipper baggie as a flotation device assisting a popsicle stick raft to float until the seas get too rough. Lone Ranger Play Kit – This simple play kit creates a log cabin for the Lone Ranger and sidekick.  It could be an activity for kids or a gift kit that can be assembled for less than $5. Super Mario Party Obstacle Course – Recreate Water World, the Chomping Flowers, Jumping the Pipes, Stomping the Goombas and the Bowser Run with these fun DIY ideas to bring Mario-worthy obstacles into your backyard. Make a Video Game Video – Having kids get creative and act out their favorite games with stop motion can be a whole new level of fun.  Repurposing favorite toys and action figures into a story…or in many cases simply action will get kids thinking about sequence and storyline. Here is a video we made awhile back:
Angry Birds Bento Lunch – This looks as good as it must taste.  It is a super cute bento box inspired by those Angry Birds sans the green pigs. Make a Super Hero Cape – The video game magic comes to life when you are wearing a cape.  There is just no denying that truth! Happy playing! Check out these free printable legend of Zelda coloring pages!

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