Since face masks are sort of the new fashion trend, it only seems right to have one for every occasion and outfit, right? Well, if you have a Baby Shark Fan at home, you’ll love this! You Can Crochet A Baby Shark Mask and now I feel like everyone in my family needs one! The etsy shop Crochet Pattern Hook has a Baby Shark Mask Pattern that has a set of 5 patterns – one for every Baby Shark Family Member. The pattern includes instructions for making Baby Shark Masks for – Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandma Shark and Grandpa Shark. The size of the mask is calculated for an adult and kids 4-10 years old which means you can really make them for everyone in your family.  According to the description: – Even a beginner can follow the pattern. – No sewing skills needed. – To make such a mask, you need less than two hours. – For yarn weight 2. You can get all five Baby Shark Patterns in her shop for $7.50 as a digital download. I cannot wait to make these!


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