This SlideRider Turns Your Stairs Into A Giant Slide and I Need It

OMG! Have you seen the slideRider?  It turns your ordinary (and boring staircase) into the best thing ever…a giant slide!

How many times when you were younger did you trying sliding down the stairs?

I know my brothers and I would try using laundry baskets and most of the time it just ending in one of us being hurt.

SlideRider turns a staircase into a big giant slide
{Squeal} Turn that ordinary staircase into a giant slide!

Well, that is about to change because This SlideRider Turns Your Stairs Into A Giant Slide and I’m Getting One.

It’s totally for my kids.

Just kidding, it’s for me. Ha.

Turn Your Staircase into a Giant Slide

The SliderRider is a device that hooks onto your stairs and turns it into a giant slide providing hours of fun. 

Want to go down to your laundry room to wash clothes?

How about sliding down?

Ahhhh yeah!

It looks like it’s easy to assemble and even store.

Where Can I Buy a SlideRider?

The sad part is, the SlideRider is currently in a concept phase and was designed by a group of inventors at Quirky, where a group of people come together to collaborate on an idea for a product and work together to bring it to fruition.

We originally wrote about this in 2020 when the idea popped up, but I just went on an exhaustive internet search and the “coming soon” sales page on the Quirky website is showing a 404 error which is not promising.

It looks like as of March 2021, there is no place to buy the SlideRider which makes me sad.

If you find updated information about the availability of the SlideRider, please add it in the comments below.

We surely hope this becomes available soon because it’s too cool NOT to have!

You can check out more about the concept behind SlideRider below.

More Playful Slide Fun from Kids Activities Blog

  • Check out our indoor games for kids which includes a DIY staircase slide you can make until the SlideRider becomes available.
  • Another startup has created a DIY staircase slide — check out the information on the StairSlide!
  • OK, so it isn’t inside, but it is awesome and reminds me of the old slip and slides (only way better), check out the cool home water slide.
  • And then if you need some inspiration and a giggle, check out this video of the man on a giant slip and slide.
  • And I feel like if you are a person like me who is obsessed with this stair slide concept, you may love the giant outdoor seesaw too!

Do you need a SlideRider too?


  1. Can’t find it to buy anywhere???

  2. Oh! That looks like fun! Get this on the market ASAP! My grandkids and this grama and their gramps would love it!!

  3. Kristen Yard says:

    Hi, Vivi. It’s not available to buy yet, unfortunately!

  4. Whitehead says:

    I’m interested to buy a Sliderider by Quirky when it becomes available.

  5. That would be a great idea to put out on the deck stairs. No walls to run in.

  6. So when is it going to be available. And is it going to be available to everyone around around the US

  7. Elodia Lumbreros says:

    Interested for my 11year. Old daughter who has traumatic brain injury

  8. Darielle Rivera says:

    This is incredible! I need one for kids and yes I will definitely try.

  9. I’d love this! I hope it’s not too costly , it would be great

  10. Kickstarter this thing ASAP!!

  11. When will this be available.

  12. I’m interested please let me know when can we get one

  13. Kristen Yard says:

    Hi, Amy! They are not on the market yet, unfortunately.

  14. Sadie delmotte says:

    When will this be available for purchase?!

  15. Kristen Yard says:

    Hi, Sadie! They haven’t set a release date yet, unfortunately!

  16. Danielle vellino says:

    I am so buying this when its out ?

  17. Darla Jean says:

    would love to own on as a fire escape if ever something bad were to happen for handicap child second floor home

  18. Josie Hartselle says:


  19. Libby travers says:

    Would like to know when available

  20. Where do I buy a slide rider?

  21. Kristen Yard says:

    Hi, Tara! It’s still a start-up at this point and not available for sale yet, but keep watching!

  22. Hi ! I am from Canada and yes I want to buy this Now .
    Please tell how and from where ? Price and delivery time .

    Thanks and anxiously waiting !

  23. I wish I knew! The slide rider giant stairway slide is currently not being sold anywhere that I can find. If anyone finds where to get them, please let us know!

  24. Can’t wait for it to be out . Inform me wen it’s available. Looks awesome I have 6 grandkids that will love it.

  25. Melissa Rodriguez says:

    Very interested please let me know when it available

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