After Too Much Aggressive Playing, Big Dog Shuts Little Dog Down [Video]

Having a smaller sibling is great, but sometimes it can be exhausting.

While you’re ready to settle down, relax a little maybe, the littler always seems to get their second wind.

It’s true with kids, and apparently it’s true with dogs.

big dog and little dog video - Kids Activities Blog

In this clip, the bigger dog is trying his best to be patient as the little dog jumps, and bites, and does everything in his power to annoy the bigger dog.

But, just like with human siblings, eventually the big dog has enough and lets the little dog know that he’s done…in probably the funniest way possible.

Take a look!

Small Dog Shut Down by Big Dog Video

Be honest: did you watch it over and over like I did? I just couldn’t stop laughing at how funny it was.

It’s just such a smooth movement from play, play, play to *thwap* down.

And since the little one bounced right back up, I’m guessing this isn’t the first time the big guy has had to shut the little down, and I’m guessing it won’t be the last.

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