All babies are perfect. Let me say that again: all babies are perfect.
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A baby is a blessing.
Some are born with conditions that make their lives more difficult, but the bond between a baby and his mama starts long before birth, and it doesn’t matter what that baby looks like, or what issues they might have, mom will love them. But when Lacey Buchanan gave birth to her son, Christian, his appearance left nurses fearful for how his mom would react. Lacey and Chris Buchanan were overjoyed to find out they were pregnant shortly after marriage, but that joy was put on hold when during the 18-week scan doctors informed Lacey that her baby had little chance of survival. Undaunted, the couple named their son Christian and awaited his birth with prayers and baited breath. But when Christian was born, nurses immediately took him away, afraid of how the new mom would react to her son’s appearance. Christian was born with a cleft palate so severe that only about 50 other people in the entire world have his same medical issues. He was born without eyes, with a mouth that would not close, his nose was isolated from the rest of his face, and portions of his skull were visible. And to Lacey, he was perfect in every single way. After far too many stares, and strangers criticizing the Buchanan’s online, Lacey created a video to show the entire world just how loved and incredibly special her little boy is. Take a look!

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  1. God wanted you to be Christian’s parents because you see the beauty in him. He is a treasure and a joy. God blessed you because you see your child for the blessing he is.

  2. All people have to do is really look at Christian to know he is a miracle. His parents are lucky to have him. I had a friend that had a baby that was deformed almost all over mostly the face and I feel very lucky to have known her. Unfortunately she died just a few weeks after coming home at 3 months of age. Christian’s parents will have a wonderful life time with him. And just looking at him with his mom he will have a very wonderful life with his parents. He is very much loved and cherished which will make him a wonderful adult as well.

  3. Congratulations on your Beautiful Baby Boy, he is so Lucky and Blessed to have a Mom and Dad like you guys. GOD IS SO AMAZING AND SO GOOD ALL THE TIME, MAY GOD BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY

  4. Beautiful inside and out god don’t make mistakes he challenge us sometimes to see how far we can push pass all the negative in the word those people who whisper about that beautiful baby should be ashamed of there self .I slute mother’s and father’s who deal with challenges in life .no matter who you are .Every Life Is Precious ????? especially when your around the ones that love you unconditionally.that was a very beautiful video you made.Never let anyone make you feel like you made the wrong choice you didn’t .I started crying when I seen the video it took to my heart you are a very Strong Woman to over come all the negative that was given to you ..Keep Your Head Up High Mama you the Best .this really touch my heart .It will be pleasure to Meet Christian .Anyday of the week .the love you have for Christian is beautiful.

  5. I’m so glad that Christian’s parents gave him life and I’m friends with his mother on Facebook, Christian is a very sweet and loving little boy. This little guy has been going through challenges before he was born but he was born a fighter, he doesn’t let anything get in his way. He stole my heart from the first picture of him, I enjoy seeing pictures of him and his little brother. Keep making people wonder sweetie!

  6. Christian is blessed to have beautiful parents and his Mummy & Daddy are blessed to have a beautiful boy like him. All children are a blessing from God yet our Lord choose you both to be his mummy and daddy. Shame on people who giggle and think it would have been better to abort him, don’t they know that not all children are born slim, tall, handsome, pretty, super brainy or into a loving home. Regardless of all that he is beautiful, for all the right reasons. What also touched me is the look of pure unadulterated love and pride on his mummy’s face. May the Lord bless you all with years of happiness together. xx