School lunch memories may make you cringe.

School lunch lady memories may make you cringe.

Stack of lunch trays - video of veteran watching lunch lady be mean to 4 year old child
I still cringe when I see a stack of red lunch trays…

And then there is this story…

Kevin Holt knows what it means to fight. After serving in the army for over three decades, the veteran decided to dedicate the rest of his days to teaching special education in his city, Killeen, Texas.

Screenshot of veteran next to helicopter smiling

But one early morning as he watched pre-k students line up for breakfast, his entire life mission changed for good.

That morning he watched a young girl hand her meal card over to the cafeteria worker, and when there wasn’t enough money to pay for the meal, the worker dumped the food in a trash can, in front of the hungry girl, and in front of the rest of her class.

cafeteria food line with someone scooping out food with ladel

Humiliated, the child returned to her seat, sobbing and being laughed at by the students around her.

Holt had seen cruelty around the world, but never expected to see it at home, especially in a place where kids are meant to learn.

Determined to make a difference, the veteran set out to change things – not just for this little girl, but for all the kids who were expected to try to learn on an empty stomach.

Screenshot of "sign this petition" with 109K+ supporters

With the help of a petition, and his local government, Holt went into battle again – this time on his own soil…

Take a look!

Veteran makes a big difference because of mean lunch lady video

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Hug someone who is awesome today in honor of this story…!

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