Did you know a water bottle could set your car on fire? Yeah, turns out your water bottle can set your car on fire. This video describes how and why we need to be careful when leaving water bottles in our car during hot weather!

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Can your water bottle really be a problem?

Bottled Water In A Car Is A Fire Hazard

This information is part science and part summer warning. The science part is completely fascinating. The summer warning is serious…

A new warning comes from the fire department after a man’s car catches fire from doing something we’ve all done before. With summer temperatures reaching all time highs in many areas, we’ve all gotten into the habit of grabbing a water bottle or two before hitting the road for the day.

And that’s smart. Staying hydrated on hot days can prevent heat-related illnesses and loss of too many fluids through your skin. But many of us don’t think about what we’re doing with those water bottles while we’re out and about, and according to an Idaho fire department, that’s a bad thing.

How Can A Water Bottle In Your Car Start A Fire?

Turns out, that as the sun beats down hard on your car, the sunlight can reflect through your water bottle and cause a fire to start INSIDE your car. This terrifying scenario is something one man learned about the hard way.

Take a look!

Video of Water Bottle Causing Car Fire

The good news is this is a scenario we can all prevent. Stay hydrated, but stay safe…and take those water bottles with you when you leave the car!

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Did you know a water bottle in the car could cause a fire?

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  1. there is no video of the water bottle actually causing the fire. I find this and 100s of other stories extremely hard to believe. almost every ‘experiment’ is run in DIRECT sunlight and i’ll say it 100x if i have to. Firefighters taking dark paper or paper with dark ink on it. using a full water bottle IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT OUTSIDE causing a fire with a LOT Of manipulation. yes it can be done. But that is NOT the condition inside your car. the light has to pass through tempered auto glass which is NOT the same as ‘direct sunlight’. light that passes through auto glass has been converted from short wave radiation to long wave radiation. which is MUCH harder to ‘focus’. and comparing that action to a water bottle focusing it like a magnifying glass is also a misnomer. a magnifying glass is MEANT to focus light in that way. He said that the light was coming through the (rolled up) window so we have to take him at his word.

    If this ‘spontaneous combustion’ happens so easily, then why aren’t there fires in the sun states (have asked a lot of friends and they say this has never happened. maybe its’ because their auto glass is even more UV resistant). why aren’t there more fires at repo lots, junker lots from crashed cars just sitting there not cleaned out, and other places like that. I’m not saying it’s impossible but once, just once I’d like an apples to apples comparison. 98% of what is being put out there on this topic is simply very misleading.

    having said that water bottles in cars that have sunlight blasting them with/without the window being in the way…that water needs to be pitched as it is disgusting and full of chemicals. feel free to contact me.