The Haunted Old Alton Bridge

October is finally here and you know what that means…Halloween and spooky stories (no, today’s post is not on Oktoberfest).

So, do I believe in ghosts?
Yes, but I believe that these ghosts are really spirits that have not made it to the other side and wonder here on Earth because they are still holding onto human emotions such as greed, revenge, sadness, anger or any combination of the preceding.
Do I have any Christian doctrinal basis for this belief?
No (or at least I don’t think so), however I do still believe that these entities exist. I believe other spirits are real and some walk among us today, whether they be good or evil. I further believe that some of us are able to sense and view these spirits more than others.

A while ago, I blogged about a bridge just a few miles from where we live. This bridge is one of our family’s favorite hiking and fishing spots. Once, I even saw a three foot alligator gar come to the surface of the creek that runs under this bridge. If seeing an alligator gar up close isn’t enough to spook you out, then I don’t know what is (actually, they aren’t all that scary).

This bridge is called locally as Goatman’s Bridge or historically as Old Alton Bridge. It used to connect Copper Canyon with Alton, a town that doesn’t exist anymore (if I’m wrong with that, please correct me). You can access the bridge from Lewisville/Flower Mound, Texas by taking FM 407 west to Copper Canyon Road (before Lantana) and turning north. Once you go a few miles up this very scenic road, you will come to a fork in the road. Stay right and continue for a short way. You will turn right into a gravel parking lot just before Teasley Lane in Corinth/Denton.

For time and reading constraints, I am posting a YouTube video to the story behind the Goatman’s Bridge below.

It is well worth viewing and very spooky. I now know why I get creeped out and feel like someone or something is watching me. It was a horse last time.

When I was a kid, the Old Alton bridge was passable by vehicles, but a modern bridge has been built down the road as the main part of the road.


  1. I’m going here this weekend to teach some cub scouts about the historical context behind the Old Alton Bridge (it was also a hideout for legendary outlaws). There are two trails that I highly recommend hiking…especially the one that crosses the bridge. There’s even a facebook group for the Old Alton Bridge as it is apparently a very popular hangout for highschoolers after dark…

  2. You know the coolest places in this area! By the way, we are going fossil hunting later this month. Thanks for the info you gave me a while back 🙂

  3. Bob Oedeloem says:

    I live close to there, but never heard of it. Now you have my interest! I will go in the next few weeks!!

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