None of us wants our babies to be sick, but sneezing is a part of life.

Baby says oh no after sneezing video - Kids Activities Blog
Oh no!

Whether it’s a tickley nose from a comfy shirt, or the smell of something in the air, we all are going to sneeze from time to time.

Even so, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a sneeze quite as adorable as this.

And it’s not really the sneeze, but what the baby says after that makes me watch it over and over again…

Baby Says Oh No After Sneezing Video

Part of me feels guilty for making the baby sneeze over and over again, but a bigger part of me realizes cuteness like this needs to be celebrated and enjoyed while it’s around.

So, bless you, baby, and thank you for making me smile!


Did you watch the sneezing baby video over and over like I did?

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