My grandpa always said I should find someone who surprises me. Someone who makes me laugh. For Tom Gardner his new bride Beth fit the bill perfectly. While they had a very traditional ceremony, Beth decided to surprise Tom in a very untraditional way when it came time to reveal the dress for the first time. For a lot of brides, the act of revealing the dress is huge. It’s considered bad luck for the groom to see it before the wedding day, and Beth took that to a whole new level! Take a look! Traditionally, the superstition about it being bad luck to see the bridal gown before the wedding day was a little different. It came from a time of arranged marriages and generally the bride and groom weren’t allowed to see each other At All before the wedding day. As time progressed, the superstition shrank to just seeing the dress, but it’s still a big fear for a lot of brides. I guess if you can’t show the dress, the next best thing is to be a dinosaur? Beth did eventually reveal her gorgeous dress, but not before giving her new groom a well deserved, and well played chuckle.

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