If bedtime woes are a problem in your house, these awesome glow in the dark dinosaur wall decals might be just the solution.     Made from non-toxic, eco-friendly, waterproof fluorescent PVC, the dinosaur wall decals easily stick to any flat, clean and non-textured surface. You can create a scene on one wall or place the dinosaurs around the room. Each pack of dinosaur wall decals comes with 9 dinosaurs–full body decals of a stegosaurus, pterodactyl, tsintaosaurus, brachiosaurus, diplodocus, triceratops, raptor, and tyrannosaurus rex, as well as a separate tyrannosaurus rex head. The dinosaurs vary in size, with the largest ones being 11×5 inches. To glow, the dinosaur wall decals need to “charge” with natural light during the day, from sunlight or from overhead lighting.  Once charged, they will glow at night for several hours with a soft green glow. Besides glowing in the dark, the daytime version of these dinosaur decals are amazing with color and detail.  Rather than cartoon dinosaurs, the decals represent a more realistic dinosaur shape.  They add the perfect pop of color to your dinosaur fanatic’s room in any lighting. The dinosaur wall decals can be ordered on Amazon for $14.39 for a pack of 9 dinosaurs, with many reviews commenting on how well they glow in the dark!  It might be just the solution to phasing out nightlights or providing a little bit of extra light at night.

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