I think we can all agree that dino bones are cool, even more so when there’s enough of bones to build a replica. But what’s even more cool?

Source: Facebook / Field Museum

When those dinosaur bones are used to make a real life-sized T-rex model. That’s exactly what happened this past summer when artists created a massive model of the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History’s famed T-rex, SUE.


Blue Rhino Studio took on the supremely massive task of designing the full-sized dino replica based off the Field Museum’s T-rex bones. Then exhibition staff assembled it all for one awe-inspiring sight that kids (and adults) everywhere can enjoy.

This dino replica isn’t just full size; it’s also crazy detailed, down to the scars and life-like eyes. As some visitors have also noticed, it also looks super meaty, which is super cool, especially considering the T-rex only stands on its back two legs.


While the model was on display in Chicago through August, it’s now traveling around the U.S. with the traveling SUE exhibit.

For those in the Chicago area, like me, have no fear; Sue, the dino we all know and love, isn’t going anywhere. Only the T-rex model is traveling to museums around the U.S.

So where is the T-rex model headed? It’s currently in Iowa through January 2021, and more locations are forthcoming.


I, for one, hope it returns to Chicago so I can see this incredible T-rex model for myself. In the meantime, please excuse me while I pretend there are dinos in my living room.



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