Sometimes everything seems huge and overwhelming, and we just need the love and support of those around us to make things better and nice again. And sometimes we just need them to point out the obvious so we can stop crying already. I’m pretty sure that’s me every single month when it comes to ‘that time’. I get crabby, tearful, hangry, and sometimes it just takes someone who loves me pointing out the obvious before I realize what’s up. Not that I’m grateful for it, but it definitely clears up a lot. That’s exactly what’s happening in this video. Little sister is crying and brother, probably the chillest guy on the planet, looks over to her and asks a simple question…the question that explains everything. Take a look! I love how nonchalant he is about this. It’s like he’s seen this before, or maybe even lived it, and he knows exactly what’s going on. There’s no asking if she’s okay, or if she needs a hug, because those are silly question. She needs one thing. And it’s something I think we all need a bit more of, if we’re being honest.

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