Little Boy Has Cutest Response To His Crying Baby Sister

I have a soft spot for videos of siblings being sweet to one another, especially if those siblings are adorable with round, fat cheeks and squeaky little baby voices. The ‘aww’ factor is big within me. So this one definitely hit the spot. When baby sister starts fussing, her brother knows just what to do. First, he hoists himself up on the bed, which takes a bit considering he’s still a baby himself, and works his way over to her. Once there? After rubbing her back and giving a hug, brother knows exactly what to say to make baby sister smile instead of fuss. Take a look!

I have a feeling this baby knows she has her brother wrapped around that fat little baby finger of hers. And from the look of things, he’s completely okay with that. Everyone deserves to be the light in someone else’s eye, and these two seem to be the light in each other’s eyes. Beautiful.

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