Homemade Lotion Balls

homemade lotion balls that will leave your skin super soft

Today we have a fun recipe for Shea butter lotion balls for you. We love Essential Oils and this is one of our go-to recipes.  This lotion is perfect for dry chapped skin. It’s surprisingly easy to make and your friends will be amazed that you are able to make lotion balls from home! Homemade Lotion […]

DIY Lego Storage

diy lego world in a chair

Are you looking for a new Lego Hack or some Lego Storage Ideas?  I swear our legos are taking over the house and multiplying when I am not looking! This Lego stool doubles as a kiddo chair, a step to reach things that are high on shelves, and has a storage well under the lid.  It is […]

Unique Gift Idea: Mermaid Tails for Kids


Do your kids miss the hot days of summer?  Mine do!  Help your kids daydream of warm days even more with a unique gift this Holiday, Mermaid Tails! Swimming is one of our favorite summer activities – really, in Texas we swim from April to October, so it’s not to far in the future before […]

22 Creative Money Gift Ideas

22 ways to gift money this Christmas

Do you want to give a money gift this year, but are looking for a way to make it more personal? We have a whole list of creative money gift ideas! These are unique ways to give a kid what they really want, while wrapping it in a unique way that will make them smile! Creative […]

Ivy Kids – Monthly Activity Kits for Kids!

activity box from Ivy kids

We have triplets.  They are three and we are doing preschool at home with them this year.  It is so much fun watching them learn and explore the world with the enthusiasm that only tikes can have! This week “for school” we have been learning all about frogs with the help of Ivy Kids Activity […]

30 Ways to Fill Ornaments

feature size

Does anyone else love those little glass ornaments that you can fill?  I love how you can fill them with memories and adapt them to your family’s personality! Every Christmas these ornaments tell a different story.  Like this collection of glass ornaments?  Check out our other collection of homemade ornaments.   Get your own glass […]

Superfood Smoothie

very veggie smoothie ingredients

Do you ever go to the grocery store with your kids, just so you can find something new that you’ve never tried before?  We did that this past week.  So fun!! And we came home with Red Chard.  According to WebMD chard is a “nutritional powerhouse — an excellent source of vitamins K, A, and […]

26 Homemade Ornaments

lots of ornament ideas to make for Christmas

Homemade ornaments are the best.  They fill your tree with memories that you can unwrap and decorate your tree with each year.  We have a family ornament-making day each Christmas as part of our “Countdown to Christmas” activities.  Memories! Here are some of the best DIY ornament ideas we’ve found. Easy Ornaments Adorable!  Capture your […]

13 Things You Never Thought You Could Mail

things you never thought of mailing

The best things come in small packages.  That’s what my mother always told me (I’m short, very short), but I know I am not alone in getting a big smile when there is something fun in the mail. You can put that smile onto someone’s face by mailing something so unique – it will be […]

3 Super Hero Coloring Pages

Iron Guardian coloring page

Join your favorite Super Heros in these coloring pages.  My boys love to color superheros – they are really the only coloring pages the kids will sit down and color without prompting.  Coloring is great for kids to develop pre-writing skills – how to hold a crayon/pencil, how to control your hand’s movements, even the […]

20 Peppermint Dessert Recipes

peppermint treat recipes

Peppermint.  There is something about snuggling up in a cold day with a peppermint treat.  It’s the flavor of winter!! Here are some peppermint desserts that we are drooling over.  Looking for a dessert that is NOT mint?  Check out our 75 Cookie Recipes.   . Dessert Recipes Chocolate Peppermint Bundt Cake.  This momma makes […]

Holiday Hair Ideas

Christmas Hair for Kids feature

Get some holiday cheer with a fun and festive hair style. These are perfect for the last day of school before the holiday starts, or to wear to grandma’s house. Looking for something more traditional?  Check out our collection of Hair Style Ideas for Girls.   Make a Santa’s face from a bun – super […]

Gift Kits You Can Make and Your kids Create

Gift Kits that you can make for kids to build and create with

Gift kits are great for creative kiddos.  The list below isn’t like our list of DIY gifts, these are groups of objects that you can gift to your kids so THEY can create. Gift Sets for Kids You can gift your kid a collection of objects that they can use to explore and engage in […]


lego soap your kids can make

I first saw Lego soap on this totally awesome site for boys.  I know, girls love legos and stuff too, but this gal Jill *gets* my boys and the things they are into! I knew this soap just might be some motivation for my boys to wash their hands. LEGO Soap for Boys My kiddos […]

21 Christmas Hacks

simplify your christmas with these DIY pro tips feature

We love tips that make our lives easier here at Kids Activities Blog.  This Christmas, make your Holiday season just a bit easier this year with some of these Christmas Hacks. Genius Christmas Hacks Use a dustbuster or a hair dryer to freshen up your artificial tree, making it ready for another year. Are your […]

Genius Bathroom Hacks and Tips

tricks and tips to organize your bathroom on a budget

Bathroom Tips!  I need them.  We are often looking for Bathroom hacks and tips to be cleaner, have a more peaceful and organized bathroom. This room is one of the quickest to become cluttered – we have been collecting Hacks for the House – and I love these bathroom tricks that help make cleaning faster and […]

Candy Veggie Pies

candy made from apples carrots and beets

Please tell me I am not the only parent who struggles to feed her kiddos enough veggies. I was thrilled when Imperial Sugar introduced us to their Holiday recipe collection.  One of the recipes included sweet and sour pumpkin gummies loaded with vitamin C.  They looked so yummy but we didn’t have all of the […]

75 Cookie Recipes We Adore

75 cookie recipes you will love

One of our family’s Christmas traditions is making a big platter of cookies and handing out small plates filled with goodies to our neighbors. The kids LOVE it and even though it is several weeks away they are already planning on the types of cookies they want to make.  That is why we have compiled […]

10 Cake Tips to Bring Baking from Box to Amazing

cake ideas

I like baking, but often don’t have the time… so I *love* using boxed cakes.  They do all the work.  All I need to do is dump and add a couple of other ingredients and viola.  Cake. Here are some cake tips of simple things that you can do to make your boxed cake taste […]

LEGO Pocket Case

traveling lego case for kids made out of a gum tin

Legos are the perfect toy.  My kids can play with them for hours.  Every time they can create a new and different world.  As the kids have gotten older there is more waiting in our weeks, waiting for siblings, waiting for sports, waiting in the car to get to our destination, etc. We made a […]

Bedtime Routine Chart {with a Printable}

bedtime routine chart

Is bedtime chaotic at your house? It can be at mine! Help your kids get into a routine to have a more healthy life. When they have an established routine or a list of tasks, they know what to expect and it helps break the cycle of nighttime meltdowns. We were inspired by a number […]

Cookie Butter Recipe {YUM}

cookie butter a hostess gift idea

Awww… Spreadable cookies.  Where have these been my whole life? Cookie Butter is a must-bring for a game night with pals. Only two ingredients needed!   Want a healthier option?  This recipe is not for you ( –> but you might enjoy our bean cookie dough dip).  If sugar and fat are okay, keep reading, […]

KidScents Essential Oils

kidScents Oil Blends

We love our Essential oil kits – and are thrilled that KidScents Essential Oils are back! The Premium Starter kit (consultant link) is what we have been using for several months with our kids.  It’s great, we have been using it almost daily, but with kids it is important to dilute the oils from the kit […]

Make Lipstick with Crayons

what you need to make your own lipstick from crayons a diy stocking stuffer idea

There is something about color that is exciting.  Especially if it is not a “normal” color.  Why have boring makeup when you can make a statement? These tubes of easy to make, makeup cost mere pennies per color.  If you are looking for a DIY gift for a tween gal, these are for you.  This […]

Elf-on-the-Shelf Ideas

40 elf in the shelf activities that your kids will love

The Elf-on-the-Shelf is such a fun tradition for kids!  What a great way to count down to Christmas with some goofy, silly, and even kind elf activities. The way this works, you get the “elf” (affiliate code so you can buy one) and he comes to your house to check up and report back to Santa, to […]

Time Lord and Dr. Who Inspired Coloring Pages

Time Doctor Who coloring pages

Join the Time Lords in battle with Darleks and journey with the Tardis in this set of coloring pages. All three of these coloring pages are free – just click any photo to download all three – and were inspired by our family’s current favorite TV show (for our older kids), Dr. Who. . If […]

Bosu Exercises

a bosu is great for exercise at home

A couple of months ago we got a Bosu – An indoor exercise tool.  The best investment for gray drippy days where we still need to move, but space is limited and the kids don’t want to go outside.  We have included it as a must-have item for a seonsory home. A BOSU is like one of those big […]

18+ Paper Crafts for Kids

paper crafts for kids

There is something about fall time, my kids love to craft this time of year.  You can find our art table covered with scraps of paper, glue, crayons and paint. Here are just a few of the projects our kids have either done, or dreamed of doing – all with paper!!   Creative Paper Use […]

{Kids Craft} Paper Boxes

Build a tower with your kids out of paper boxes Super colorful and cool

Do you ever see a kids craft activity and drool, just itching with anticipation until you can do the project with your kids?  I had that when I saw this Paper Craft post from Marie, of Make and Takes (*LOVE* her blog, follow her for tons of other kids crafts, you won’t be disappointed). She […]

Superhero {Inspired} Coloring Pages

Web Warrior a spiderman inspired superhero coloring page

Get your boys coloring! Here are some recreations of our favorite superheros. Coloring is a great way to help your kids develop pre-writing skills.  They learn how to control their crayons as they stay within the lines (or not – ha!). Too often coloring pages are cutesy.  Not something my boys want to get crazy […]