18 Fitness Tips for Moms

18 fitness hacks

Moms are busy!  But we still want to look and feel our best!  These Fitness tips are for you, all the moms out there! Fitness Tip – give yourself rewards.  Put a dollar in the jar every time you goof up and don’t work out or eat a dessert.  Then when you “meet” your goal, […]

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Curriculum to Teach Kids How to Read

reading curriculums featured

As a homeschooling family I am asked a lot by other parents who are beginning homeschooling or who have a child who needs just-a-little help after school, what I have used to teach my kids to read. I’m one family and what works for us may not work for you and your child… so we […]

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16 Robots Kids can Actually Make

robot machines that actually work2

If your kids love exploring science and technology I bet they would love to explore robotics.  These are all robots that kids can make. This first robot is one that we have made – a tin can soda man.  This kids robot kit (affiliate link) comes with everything you need to turn a regular tin can […]

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20 Kitchen Tips for Foodies

kitchen hacks 2

Looking for a cooking tip?  Look no farther!  Make cooking, fast, easy, fun AND healthy with these kitchen foodie tricks.  We have snack hacks and tips that make preparing in-between meals easier – and the time we used orange peels as cupcake liners was just genius!  Here are our “real food” tips. Kitchen Tips for […]

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20 Goofy Valentines for Boys

bug and animal valentines for boys

We love goofy valentines for boys.  Are your kids sick of the sweet?  Ours are.  But still love the “getting” in Valentines Day?  Ours are.  Make your kids (and their pals) feel super special with some of these Valentine ideas. Got a set of zoo animals?  This might be a cute no candy valentine idea […]

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How we hurt our kids

talking so your kids can listen

Have you ever thought about how you respond to your kids?  How we hurt our kids with our words, without even intending to? What do you say when they ask you to watch them spin in circles again or revel in awe over yet another Lego creation. If you are like us you probably respond with a quick, […]

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DIY Air Freshener Recipe

copycat febreze recipe

We are trying to limit the chemicals in our home.  Time to make a batch of Air Freshener Recipe.  One-by-one we are throwing away th synthetic gunk!  We are starting to use homemade cleaners, Shea Butter Lotion (*the best*)and other things like homemade hand-sanitizer. You get it, we are on a get-rid-of-chemicals kick!  But we […]

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30 Amazing Smoothie Recipes

a month worth of smoothie recipes

We’ve gathered some amazing smoothie recipes, so that you can try them all! We’ve found that these drinks are a great way to sneak some extra nutrition into a child’s diet and can even be a healthy alternative to other snacks. Here are some of our favorites. There are so many different ways to make them but […]

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Refillable Paint Brushes – with Little Green Pouch

low mess painting pouch from green pouch 1

Make your own refillable paint brushes.  Painting can be a messy venture with preschoolers – which is why I was elated to discover this craft hack! You can transform the reusable food pouches, like these from Little Green Pouches, into painting pens.  Thanks Little Green Pouch (Kids Activities Blog sponsor) for sending us replacement packs, we […]

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Temper Tantrums {Tips from moms who have been there}

temper tantrum hack ideas

Temper tantrums are, unfortunately, a part of every family’s life. Every family has their struggles.  When a child really has a difficult time transitioning to a new thing, or handling disappointment temper tantrums happen. It’s a normal part of life, but one we definitely want to end as soon as possible. We’re sharing some amazing advice […]

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15 Simply Scrumptious Sugar Scrubs

sugar scrubs you can make

We’ve gathered together the most gorgeous, fragrant and fun sugar scrubs to share with you today. Using essential oils, these scrubs are so easy to make, you can do a different one each week or make a bunch to use as gifts for friends. DIY Sugar Scrubs Links in this post contain affiliate links. We start […]

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22 Adorable Maternity Photos

22 pregnancy poses for photos

We love photos but maternity shots have to be at the top of the list of cute photo taking opportunities! We’ve seen our fair share of amazing pregnancy photos and even goofy ways to announce a pregnancy, but these photos really took the cake! If you are expecting, or know some one who is, be sure […]

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19 Doable Laundry Tips For Busy Moms

laundry tips

Laundry – the Never Ending Story.  Hopefully these Laundry Tips, like our laundry hacks, will make this chore just a touch faster, more organized and less of a bore! Laundry Room Organization Use this laundry caddy to organize and store cleaning products between the washing machine and dryer. This miracle solution whitens clothes and cleans your laundry […]

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How to Sleep Better, When You Can’t

sleep solutions for active kids 2

Do you or your kids struggle with how to sleep better?  I know my kids go through a phase where they struggle with activities as the go to sleep either going to sleep or staying asleep.  It is frustrating. These are some of the things we have done to help encourage sleep in our kiddos (and […]

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IKEA Lego Organization

DIY Lego Organization

Are Lego’s taking over your house?  We are always on the lookout for IKEA Lego Organization ideas.  My blogging partner, Holly, discovered How to Create a Lego Table.  If only we had the space for something like that!  My kids love visiting their “Lego Room”! With six kids in the house and more legos than you […]

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10 Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas

10 Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas

These Angry Birds birthday party ideas are so much fun!  Do your kids love Angry Birds? Mine do! Here are some ideas of ways to bring the silly birds, mean pigs, and crashing blocks into reality.  If we weren’t already planning a reptile birthday party we would do an Angry Birds one! Angry Birds Birthday […]

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50 Mouth-Watering Chicken Recipes

how to cook a whole chicken

Are you looking for some fantastic mouth watering chicken recipes? We have found some of the most amazing recipes and we are drooling of the amazing ideas found here! Which ones will you try first? Amazing Chicken Dinner Recipes Try this flaky chicken pot pie recipe. Creamy on the inside and buttery perfection on the outside! Chicken […]

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15 {Adorable} DIY Baby Onesies

onesies you can make

Baby clothes are always cute, but we’ve gathered together the most adorable DIY Baby Onesies to make you swoon! Make them for your own baby, or be the hit of the baby shower bringing one of these as a unique and fun gift idea! Cutest Baby Onesies Got ink?  Share the love of body art with […]

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27 Genius Small Space Organization Ideas

small space organization solutions

Are you constantly struggling to find ideas to organize a small space? It is hard with kids in a small home to find small space organization solutions.  Sometimes it feels like there simply is not enough room to go around! We’ve pulled together some of the best ideas for homes to help you keep things in line, even when your […]

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How to Love My Husband

marriage tips

How to love my husband – Are you wondering just that? We have 10 simple things that you can do TODAY to show love to your spouse and rekindle some romance, even in the midst of busy days with kids. “Life” can sometimes get in the way of a marriage, but we don’t want to […]

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20 {Yummy} Recipes for Hot Chocolate

hot cocoa

We are so excited about these 20 recipes for hot chocolate. This is one of our favorite Christmas traditions…one that extends all winter long! Every Christmas Eve we sit together as a family, read the Christmas Story, and drink hot coco together before the kids have a family slumber party sleeping around the Christmas tree.   […]

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{Easy} Sinus Congestion Relief

congestion hacks

Sinus congestion relief.  It seems like every winter congestion is something that passes through our home a couple of times.  Snotty noses are no fun – thankfully we have some Health Tips and hacks that can help our kids feel better. I found a solution!!  It does not get rid of the stopped up feeling forever, […]

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Animal Paper Plate Crafts

22 Paper Plate Animals a

You will have so much fun with these animal paper plate crafts!  With some paper plates and paints you can make your own zoo for your kids! So fun!   Animal Paper Plate Crafts Tropical fish – We love the bright colors and variety in these adorable fishies! Frown clown fish to polka dotted and everything in […]

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10 EASY Ways to Save

10 ways to save money

Are you looking for easy ways to save money as a family?  We have 10 simple things that can help get you started on your journey to saving money and spending less.   Drink Water. When you go out to restaurants, skip the sodas and go with water.  If you are a family of four and you […]

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Cinnamon Roll French Toast Preschoolers Can Cook

cinnamon roll french toast

Last week we did a series on playing with our food, we made kale smoothies, played dress-up with collard greens, in the past we have painted our pancakes, and have made spider bananas. But, the thing my daughter loves to make the most is Cinnamon Roll French Toast. This is such an easy breakfast idea. […]

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25 HOT Breakfast Ideas

hot bfast ideas for busy moms

Do you ever get into a breakfast rut where you are making the same thing for breakfast every morning? We have found that having a solid first meal helped my kids endurance as they did school and the other activities of the day. Start it right with one of these Hot Breakfast Ideas. Breakfast Ideas […]

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{Hilarious} Kids Game Toca Kitchen 2

kids game toca kitchen 2

Kids games – it seems I find my kids playing online games non-stop, especially games that are hilarious and make them laugh.  The newest app from Toca is sure to make your kids giggle hysterically.  It is all about playing and experimenting with food in the kitchen, Toca Kitchen 2. Thanks Toca for the gift […]

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30 Baby Food Recipes – That are Tasty!

30 mom made baby food recipes 3

Here are some baby food recipes and tricks that will make transitioning to from baby food to table food MUCH easier and tastier! I wish I had found these resources a couple of years ago.  We love hacks to make snacks easier and kitchen tips.  Homemade baby food can take awhile to prepare, or can […]

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How to Make a Budget – that works

how to make a budget

Are you looking for ideas on how to make a budget?  Saving money is one step, but we need a budget to know where we can start saving. With all of the money saving tips floating around the internet these days it can be hard to find tips that will really work. We have pulled […]

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The Best Dads

best dads of 2014

The year 2014 was a year of many firsts, many tears and many surprises… and through all of these events with our kids their Dads were right there as champions and guides. This post is dedicated to all of you out there who are the best Dads to your kids.  We love you and your […]

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