How to Tame a Dragon Play Dough

how to train a dragon playdough

There are few movies that *I* can sit and watch with my kids… call it ADD, call it a mom who blogs, call it boredom.  The movie, How to Train Your Dragon, was terrific – loved by my daughter nearly as much as my son! The main character in the movie is Toothless (that’s an affiliate […]

Flying Snake Art

paper plate craft for kids

Paper plates are one of the most versatile crafting staples.  We use them for lunch everyday so they are always on hand, great to grab and craft with when we run out of paper. Last spring we made roses from paper plates, and spring birdies.   Today we are crafting with our plates to make […]

DIY Balloon Play House & Fort Magic Giveaway!

balloon party fort

It is birthday season at our house. This year we are having an at-home party for the kids. Thanks to Fort Magic for saving the day.  Fort Magic has been a sponsor of Kids Activities Blog this year. We got our first Magic Fort kit about 4 months ago and it is by far one of the […]

Deep Cleaning Hacks

hacks and tips for deep cleaning

Anyone else short on time?  Too much to do an too little time??  You don’t need hours or fancy products to get your house spic-and-span. These cleaning hacks will help you get the most out of your time and your wallet. Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it! Work the list.  Go room by […]

Camping Tips and Hacks for Families

long feature

We have done the impossible three times in the past 2 months… we went camping as a family! We have six kids ranging in age from 2 to 8 and let’s just say the idea of camping terrified me at first, and we now have a routine. I love it! Our most recent camping trip […]

Pineapple Upside down S’more Cookies

pineapple smores recipe

We recently came back from a camping trip in Amarillo, to visit the Palo Duro Canyon, with KOA. We had a blast!! You can read all about it in our Camping Hacks and Tips post. I asked the kids what their favorite part of the trip was. One of the kids said that they loved […]

{Boy & Girl} Shared Bedroom Ideas

8 shared kids bedroom ideas

Do you have a houseful?  We do. Here are ideas on how to have siblings share a room, *especially* if they are opposite genders.  Your kids can share a space while maintaining their own “zones”. Love these… Boy and Girl Shared Rooms   Loft Level.  Instead of building a set of bunk beds, consider making […]

DIY Fruit Fly Trap

diy fruit fly trap 5

It happened about two weeks ago.  We bought a big bag of brown bananas from the store (banana bread!!!)… the next morning… FRUIT FLIES! They were everywhere and they kept multiplying.  If we had less than a hundred flies in our kitchen I would be amazed.  It was nasty. We tried vinegar with a drop […]

Lunch Box Tips

frozen sponge ice pack

Can you believe school is going to start next month??  I can’t summer flies by so fast! We are dreaming and scheming about ways to make our school routine easier and packing lunches can be a bit daunting.  In addition to our Lunchbox Insides, here are some tips we hope will be helpful this upcoming […]

{Must Have} Lunchbox Products

lunchbox products

So your kids have the super cool lunch box and you’ve read our lunchbox tips… but now they need to organize their food into it so they have diversity and it all fits! Easier said than done… until… We discovered a fun collection of lunch box products that will help you organize and have fun […]

Play Dough Recipe: {Great Gift Idea} No Cook PlayDough

super soft play dough recipe

We recently made the softest, almost silky play dough recipe.  My kids love to mold and create with play dough but this would also make a great gift idea.  This is the EASIEST play dough recipe because it is no cook play dough.  It only uses two ingredients and under 10 minutes to make. Kids […]

Baby Bib Hack

baby bib hack with a dishtowel

We have a whole series of hacks for snacks and recently had a question about how we manage our bibs and placemats…  Are you, like that reader, looking for a bib that has great coverage, very absorbent, easy to come by?? We have the solution.  Dish towel bibs.  Super simple. We are a family of […]

EASY to Make Pudding Pops.

EASY Pudding pops

These are the world’s easiest popsicles to make EVER.  They will rival the ones that your kids get at the ice cream truck! They don’t drip (or barely drip), they cost pennies to enjoy, AND you can make them out of a variety of treats… The Pudding Pop. It is so simple.  Take a pudding […]

Silly Animal Jokes – with a printable!

jokes about animals printable

Laughter is the best medicine. Thank you Facebook fans!  You made my kids day.  Last week we asked for some new jokes – read our “old” joke page – my kids love to sit and read jokes!  We wanted new jokes and asked you to submit your kids favorites. Thank you! You went above an […]

What to do with kids? {We have 32 fun answers!}

what to do with kids

What to do with kids?  Is that a question that every parent, caregiver and teacher has asked themselves at one time! In answering the question what to do with kids, Kids Activities Blog went searching for some of our favorite and unique kids activities.  We thought they should be fun, easy to do, not require […]

Indoor Play Houses

indoor play houses for kids

I’ve got a case of mom drool. These indoor play homes are just adorable!  Many of them are ones that you can make yourself (or copy the concept of the for-purchase play house kit). I think I want to hide with a book in one of these nooks!     If you have a nifty […]

Chore Bracelets for Kids

to-do bracelets for kids to remember their chores

Chores… and kids… Do your kids have a hard time remembering what their tasks for the day are? I know my kids often forget what their chores are. Our solution: Chore bracelets. As the kids finish a task they can rip off that bracelet. This is perfect for kids who are reading, but I bet […]

One-Pot Meatless Monday Recipe

one pot pasta with mushrooms

Meatless Mondays. While we love meat (especially beef), at our house Monday’s can be a nice reprieve for our budget and a chance to encourage my kiddos to eat more diversity with a veggie-heavy meal. Dinner last night was a win!! We love one pot meals.  This one took only 15 min from the time I […]

Fizzing Sidewalk Paint

fizzing paint with kids activities blog

Originally published in Early spring, 2011, this is by far one of our kids most favorite play recipes. Sidewalk chalk is fun, painting is fun, making things fizz is also fun! Let’s do all three! This is a really simple recipe to create sidewalk chalk “paint” out of food coloring, baking soda and cornstarch.  We […]

20+ Kid Friendly Ideas for Wax Crayon Art and a $1,500 Giveaway!

Melted Crayons Colorful Abstract painted background on canvas

Crayon art goes beyond just coloring!  Wax crayons are fun to color with – a staple of preschooler craft times everywhere.  In addition to coloring and crafting with crayons, we have collected the best art projects from around the web for you to enjoy with your kids! We hope that you will be inspired to take […]

DIY Tinted Sunscreen Recipe

Make your own tinted sunscreen

With a summer packed full of activities – it is time for us to crack out the tubs of sunscreen.  We are a transracial family with six kids and use a TON of sunscreen!  Regular sunscreen has lots of chemicals, organic sunscreen is outside of our budget, and both leave white streaks on my chocolate […]

40+ Tips for Road Trips with Toddlers & Preschoolers

over 40 tips for road trips with little kids

I dread going on long trips with kids in tow.  We have driven across the country at least once a year for some time now and have learned a few things about traveling with children.  Here are some tips to make road trips with toddlers and preschoolers easier. To keep a bit of sanity. Road […]

Sock Mopping: Exercise and Clean at the Same Time

sock mopping to clean your floor

In my house, cleaning the dining room is a fun family affair.  One of our favorite ways to clean the floors is sock mopping! Maybe your kids will enjoy helping you sock mop your floors!  If you are looking for other ideas to involve your children in household chores, check out How To Get Kids To […]

15 Craft Hacks for Kids

15 hacks for kids craft rooms

We have a craft closet that just keeps growing and growing! We’ve tried a lot of different organization tips, latest was a renovation of our door with shoe cubbies… …And are always looking for new ways to organize our home.  If you have ideas (especially photos) I would LOVE to see them on our Facebook […]

Pom-pom Storage – and tot play idea.

fine motor play with a pompom bottle 2

Two year olds love a task… and I love not having my pom-poms all over the house! When the pom-poms find themselves scattered all over the floor your tot will come to the rescue. . Look at that concentrated look on his face!  He is working hard. Even the big pom-poms fit through the hole […]

Spicy Paint – inspired by Tinkerlab

edible paint made from spices

The spices in my pantry are getting a bit old and there are some things in there that I don’t think I have cooked with in ages. We recently received the book by Rachelle Doorley, Tinkerlab: A Hands-On Guide for Little Inventors, wow – what a fun collection of open-fun ideas.  Her book has 55 […]

Building Brain Activity

activity for building brain connections

The kids and I have recently begun exploring our brains – how it works, the tricks we can play on it, ways we can encourage it to adapt and grow to face new challenges. I loved discovering the book by Sandra and Matthew Blakeslee, The Body has a Mind of It’s Own.  In it they […]

18 Kid-Friendly Snack Hacks

18 food hacks and diy tips

As summer is in full swing, we are breaking out more convenience foods and snacks. Our summers are full of activities and I love grabbing snacks for the kids to eat after the pool, or during a visit to the zoo. Here are some of the tips and hacks that have helped make our summer […]

20 Hacks for the House

20 Hacks for the home

As the mom of 6 kiddos I am *always* on the look out for tips and tricks that will help make my life better! Some of the ideas in here we do currently, they have helped make life in a big crazy family, just a touch less chaotic. Others of these “mom hacks” I have […]

80 of the BEST Activities for 2 Year Olds

rainbow play ideas for 2 year olds

Two year olds are such a joy!  They are full of curiosity and find joy in discovery.  We are always looking for activities to help our kids grow. As my youngest is crossing the threshold and becoming a three-year old.  Here are all the things my two year old either enjoyed or would if we […]