17 {Terrific} Hair Styles for Little Girls

17 Hair Styles for Girls

Are your girls in the awkward hair phase? Where they have tons of whispy fly-a-ways, and a new love of style? I am guessing I am not the only one! A mom asked on our facebook wall for hairstyle inspiration – thanks to all of our readers who submitted photos of their kids! Did we […]

Locker Clips: A Middleschool Craft

locker clips a craft for middleschool kids

Middle school!  It comes too quickly.  Hard to believe another school year is starting soon.  One of my favorite 7th graders wanted some bling for her locker. We are making locker clips! They are colorful and crazy – about as goofy as middleschoolers. Making Locker Clips Supplies Needed (affiliate links): Paint Pens.  We love our […]

10 Ways to Practice Writing Your Name

10 ways to learn to write your name

Writing your name – and writing it properly is quite the accomplishment for our kids. Writing their name and labeling things as “theirs” is a big deal to kiddos. Help give them the confidence early with some of these Name Writing activities. Gel Bags. These are brilliant. Fill a giant ziplock bag with about half […]

Paper Math Games: Fractions and Multiplication

times and fractions paper games

You know those paper fortune tellers?  They were *the* rage when I was a kid.  I loved them!  And it is time to introduce my kiddos to the joy of Cootie catchers – while reviewing math lessons. We made two paper games, one to review fractions and another to review times tables. . Want to learn […]

50 Things you can do with a Card Board Box!!

50 cardboard toys for kids

We buy a TON online, especially in recent months – and this means we have TONS of boxes. Don’t throw away your cardboard – before you recycle it, play-cycle. Here are 50 things your kids will *love* to do with your excess boxes.   Card Board Toys Paper puss-n-boots.  Bring life to your carboad boxes […]

12 Activity Bag Book Ideas for Kids

activity bag book

Activity Bags for kids! We first made them for Christmas a couple of years ago – instead of the traditional advent, we grabbed a stack of bags and filled them with a fun family activity that we could do together as we looked forward to the holiday season. Then I saw this portable Activity Kit , from […]

Moms Must Know: How to Charge a Car

how to jump a car

Jumping a car. It’s happened to me. I was stuck on the side of the road… with my phone dying… and a dead vehicle. Thankfully, I was able to get help. But I do not want to be helpless like that again! I am prepared now!! Jumper Cables (affiliate link) – check. Printable nifty cards […]

Fun Crayon Wands

diy crayon wands

After a summer of fun our craft cabinet is a disaster, filled with LOTS of broken ends and bits.  It was a gold mine of DIY potential!  Broken crayons get a chance for new life. To get ready for Back-to-school we melted down our old crayons and oil pastels to create crayon “wands”. Homemade, crafty and […]

How to Homeschool Preschool

How to Homeschool Preschool

The years between 2 and 5 are so formative. So much of the “foundation” of your child’s interests and temperament is being nurtured and awakened. They are also developing skills that they can use in school for years to come. We have homeschooled all of our kids for preschool – including our youngest kids who are still learning and […]

Peach Breakfast Cobbler

peach cobbler

It’s peach season here in Texas.  There are peaches every where and while we have our fill of peaches now, I know that in just a month or so we will love the taste of fruit and need the convenience of a grab-and-go breakfast. This peach breakfast cobbler is easy to make in a big batch, […]

Things Every Teacher Needs

set up your classroom

Getting ready for the new year was always exciting when I was teaching. A fresh new start! If you are a new teacher or returning, a ready and organized class is always welcome. Yesterday we shared some Classroom Hacks and Organization Ideas. Here are some of the products I used in my classroom – Note: […]

Classroom Hacks

organize the classroom without spending tons of money

School is just around the corner. And it is time to plan your classroom! Here are some of the best hacks, tips and ideas of ways to organize your room without breaking the bank! Ideas to add color AND storage Add some color and storage to an otherwise blank room with Plastic Milk Cartons.  Ziptie […]

DIY Clipping Toy: Road Trip Sanity with a Toddler

diy clipping toy for toddlers

Homemade toys don’t have to be fancy.  For young toddlers, sometimes the simpler the toy, the better the play. This DIY buckle, clipping toy kept my toddler (17m) entertained for hours! I was inspired to make this one morning at the park, when all the other kids were playing with the slides and the swings […]

TEN Ice Cube Combinations

ice cube combinations with ID

My kids love going on “dates” with mom… and as a mom to a vanful I often can’t get out of the house to a destination with one kiddo – BUT I can carve out a special moment with one child, just him and me. We made a bunch of ice cubes – every combination […]

{Must Have} Baby Products for Busy Moms

Baby products for busy moms

Babies are adorable!!  And preparing for one can be daunting!  As a mom of six it took us half a decade to figure out what we needed (food masher!) and what was useless (bottle warmer). . Here is our list of what has worked for our family.  Many of these products (affiliate links) we are […]

Very Veggie Pesto

Very Veggie Pesto for pasta

Do you try to sneak veggies into your kids food??  I do.  These veggie “hockey pucks” are a super easy way to add a little extra diversity to your kids diet.  We do.  This is our easiest way to incorporate two servings of vegetables into a meal. Our favorite meal to add them to is […]

Six One-Pot Pasta Recipes

6 one-pot pasta recipes quick and easy

Why do I love one-pot meals?? What is not to love! My kids get a one-dish meal at least 6 days of the week. It is harder for them to turn down veggies (they have to work topick them out and even then the flavor is still there). Prep is faster as everything just goes […]

Car Hacks, Tricks and Tips for Families

Collage of tips for trips in the car with kids

As a mom of many, we spend a ton of time in the car going to the various events.  We need to make the time worthwhile.  Make the time spent in your vehicle more organized, more efficient and less stressful with some of these car tricks. Help entertain your kids with a DIY travel book.  You […]

Magnetics: Magnetic Toy Review

magnetics toy review and diy case

Magnetic Toys are almost magical! We love LEGOs and have built structures with everything from tree branches and plastic cups to paper towel tubes. Two years ago a family member bought my kids a magnetic “building” toy, {Post contains affiliate links} Magnetics.  I forgot about it and it had been collecting dust in the closet… I […]

Magnetic Mud Science Experiment

DIY ferrofluid a tutorial on how to make magnetic lava tubes

In the past we have played with magnets.  We’ve made our own compasses and explored dollar bills with magnets.  Recently though we discovered magnetic mud!! Have you ever heard of ferrofluid?  Until a month or two ago I hadn’t – boy was I missing out! . Today, we broke out our test tubes and left […]

How to Tame a Dragon Play Dough

how to train a dragon playdough

There are few movies that *I* can sit and watch with my kids… call it ADD, call it a mom who blogs, call it boredom.  The movie, How to Train Your Dragon, was terrific – loved by my daughter nearly as much as my son! The main character in the movie is Toothless (that’s an affiliate […]

Flying Snake Art

paper plate craft for kids

Paper plates are one of the most versatile crafting staples.  We use them for lunch everyday so they are always on hand, great to grab and craft with when we run out of paper. Last spring we made roses from paper plates, and spring birdies.   Today we are crafting with our plates to make […]

DIY Balloon Play House & Fort Magic Giveaway!

balloon party fort

It is birthday season at our house. This year we are having an at-home party for the kids. Thanks to Fort Magic for saving the day.  Fort Magic has been a sponsor of Kids Activities Blog this year. We got our first Magic Fort kit about 4 months ago and it is by far one of the […]

Deep Cleaning Hacks

hacks and tips for deep cleaning

Anyone else short on time?  Too much to do an too little time??  You don’t need hours or fancy products to get your house spic-and-span. These cleaning hacks will help you get the most out of your time and your wallet. Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it! Work the list.  Go room by […]

Camping Tips and Hacks for Families

long feature

We have done the impossible three times in the past 2 months… we went camping as a family! We have six kids ranging in age from 2 to 8 and let’s just say the idea of camping terrified me at first, and we now have a routine. I love it! Our most recent camping trip […]

Pineapple Upside down S’more Cookies

pineapple smores recipe

We recently came back from a camping trip in Amarillo, to visit the Palo Duro Canyon, with KOA. We had a blast!! You can read all about it in our Camping Hacks and Tips post. I asked the kids what their favorite part of the trip was. One of the kids said that they loved […]

{Boy & Girl} Shared Bedroom Ideas

8 shared kids bedroom ideas

Do you have a houseful?  We do. Here are ideas on how to have siblings share a room, *especially* if they are opposite genders.  Your kids can share a space while maintaining their own “zones”. Love these… Boy and Girl Shared Rooms   Loft Level.  Instead of building a set of bunk beds, consider making […]

DIY Fruit Fly Trap

diy fruit fly trap 5

It happened about two weeks ago.  We bought a big bag of brown bananas from the store (banana bread!!!)… the next morning… FRUIT FLIES! They were everywhere and they kept multiplying.  If we had less than a hundred flies in our kitchen I would be amazed.  It was nasty. We tried vinegar with a drop […]

Lunch Box Tips

frozen sponge ice pack

Can you believe school is going to start next month??  I can’t summer flies by so fast! We are dreaming and scheming about ways to make our school routine easier and packing lunches can be a bit daunting.  In addition to our Lunchbox Insides, here are some tips we hope will be helpful this upcoming […]

{Must Have} Lunchbox Products

lunchbox products

So your kids have the super cool lunch box and you’ve read our lunchbox tips… but now they need to organize their food into it so they have diversity and it all fits! Easier said than done… until… We discovered a fun collection of lunch box products that will help you organize and have fun […]