Goats Do Climb Trees. You Need to See it to Believe It! [Video]

WHAT???  How did I never know that goats climbed trees?

I have seen these photos in the past but just assumed they were photoshopped.

Learn something new everyday!

This is a great clip to watch with your kids and discuss how goats in your area may differ from goats in other parts of the world.

Goats Climb Trees Video - Kids Activities Blog


My kids were mesmerized as they watched these tree climbing goats in Morocco.

They can literally jump and climb up the branches of these Argan Trees.

What’s really cool is that the Argan trees are a terrific natural resource not only for the goats but also for the people in the area.

Argan oil is great for skin…but full disclosure, I had no idea that it came from goat poop.

Tree Climbing Goats Video

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OK, level with me…did you know that goats climbed trees?