15 {Precious} Homemade Gifts for a 1 Year Old

Homemade gifts mean a lot, they mean you spent your time and your energies on the person you are creating the gift for.   And for young children you can often get the same thrill with a simple mom-made gift as you can with elaborate and often expensive toys.  For even more ideas check out our 101 Homemade Gifts for Kids.

We combed the net and found bunches of our favorite toys that you can make for one year olds.

15 homemade gifts you can make for one year old babies. Great ideas for older kids to make for their younger sibling too!

Homemade Gifts for a 1 Year Old

Use strips of flannel to create a one-of-a-kind blanket for a child in your life.

These bitty booties are just adorable!   They would keep any tots toes toasty and look easy to make with a free pattern.

Transform an old sweater into an adorable set of baby leggings.   They would be a great gift to keep the tot in your life warm in the cool months.

I love the way my boys mouths drop when the puppets give them a kiss.   Here is a super simple puppet pattern that you can make for your child.

Help your child develop fine motor skills as they drop items into a jar.   You can gift them with their own drop  set.

Clipping is one of my tots favorite things to do “ they love to clip and unclick seat buckles and this gift captures that obsession.   Make a clipping toy.

Dress your dolls in style with this easy-to-crochet pattern.

Taggie blankets are a lot of fun for kids to touch, feel and explore.   Use a variety of textures, according to the tutorial found at I can Teach My Child.

Explore textures.   Make a set of texture cards to help your child develop sensory awareness.

Your toddler will love to have a snuggly monster to help keep the fears away, these look incredibly easy to make with this simple tutorial.

We have made discovery bottles for our kids.   They are great on road trips and for the kids to explore .   This discovery bottle is just adorable and looks like a lot of fun for kids to enjoy.

My one year old loved pulling things apart. Balls of yarn, wires, tissues, toilet paper, it is all irresistible.   This activity is based on that, make a pull texture pack for your kids to play with.

Your kids will love finding faces of their loves ones, and even themselves, with this DIY Peek-a-boo Puzzle.

Make a book to help your child learn to identify their body parts, they can even be the star of the book.   For older kids, adapt the book to include foreign language development.

Collect a bunch of textured items to create a treasure basket for your kids to explore.


  1. Marlene horton says:

    Do you have instructions for the fish puppet in English?

  2. Great ideas! I dislike my kids getting so much “junk” for birthdays and Christmas, so I encourage people not to get them stuff. But if they really want to get stuff craft supplies are always welcome in our home. My kid’s very favorite Christmas gift is from their aunt and uncle who give them an iou for an outing with them. They have done a zoo and aquarium at different years, but this year they moved far away so they got the kids a year membership to a science and nature museum. It’s not as fun as an outing with them, but one we’ll get lots of use out of.

  3. I like your gift in a jar idea. It’s something different, cute, an neat. I would like to do this idea as gifts for Christmas. Is there any way you can make a tag saying I just want to TEAL you Merry Christmas in the same font? I would greatly appreciate it.

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