Make Your Own Rainbow Paper Beads

Get out the printer and some scissors and have fun making your own pretty rainbow paper beads. Rainbow crafts are so much fun because you can use so many different colors. You can create with the whole rainbow, or just pick a few of your favorites and combine with your friends. Today I have a craft for you that was a favorite for me as a kid. Paper beads!


Rainbow Paper Beads

You can make a bunch of beads from any kind of paper and then make necklaces, bracelets and other fun accessories. I’ve got a free printable rainbow craft sheet for you to use so you can make these really colorful rainbow beads.


How to Make Rainbow Paper Beads

  1. Cut out each of the color strips from the printed activity sheet.
  2. Using pincher fingers, wrap paper strip, wide end first, around a toothpick.
  3. Add a bit of glue to the last 1-2″ of paper and then roll completely.
  4. Remove from toothpick and let the glue dry.
  5. Once all the beads are dry, thread them on to a piece of twine or yarn to make your accessories.


Tip: don’t roll the paper too tightly or it will be difficult to not only remove from the toothpick, but it will also be hard to thread the bead on to your project.


Make Rainbow Paper Beads - supplies you need

Make Rainbow Paper Beads - roll paper on toothpick

Tiny rainbow paper bead



Threading tip: Add some tape to the end of the twine, about 1″ long. Trim to a pointed shape. This will stiffen the twine and allow little hands to thread their beads on a bit easier.


Make Rainbow Paper Beads


A whole pile of rainbow paper beads

Download this Free printable Rainbow Bead page designed by Jen Goode

These rainbow paper beads make a great kids activity for parties too!

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This is a great group activity for the summer too. The kids love to compare the beads and see how quickly they can make them. I hope you have fun making your own rainbow beads!

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