Cinnamon Roll French Toast: Who said preschoolers can’t cook?

Last week we did a series on playing with our food, we made kale smoothies, played dress-up with collard greens, in the past we have painted our pancakes, and have made spider bananas. My nearly five year old daughter was so sweet to me for Mother’s Day, she made me cinnamon roll frech toast circles for breakfast. This is such an easy breakfast idea, yummy, a hit with the kids! cinnamon roll french toast recipe
To have your kids make cinnamon roll French toast circles you’ll need:

  • Canned cinnamon rolls
  • Eggs
  • Milk

Yup, it’s that easy. Quirky E and her siblings smashed the rolls till they were nice and flat, then we put the pan into the oven to cook them until they were just done – probably about ten minuets or so. Then they broke and beat the eggs (their favorite part) and after getting the flattened rolls out of the oven they soaked them in the egg and dropped them onto the frying pan. Make as traditional free ch toast at this point. Yummy, and my daughter loves knowing that “she made it”. cinnamon roll french toast recipe

Want another kid-cooking recipe? Check out Esther from Laugh With Us, her daughter had fun making french toast too! And this post was originally inspired by college student, Meaghan from Clutsy Cooking, who made these in her dorm room.

What are your kids favorite foods to make?

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