Playing with our food: Genius Tip on Enjoying Veggies.

Presentation goes a long way to making something appetizing. And kids are different from adults. My preschoolers think a smear of ketchup is far more appetizing than a nicely prepared plate… so we are capitalizing on their love of mess and love of “dips” and love of “creating” to make veggies fun! We’re playing with our food today.   We photographed our “Kale Veggie Smoothies” as part of the Kenmore facebook contest (to win $3000 towards appliances – go vote for me!!) and half the fun of making smoothies is interacting with our food.playing with veggiesWe made “flower-like” bouquets, a ship of collard greens with a green onion mast, numerous silly faces, even played hide and seek with our “veil” of veggies.   Hopefully, when my kids see something green and leafy they will remember the fun we had, rather than the time I made them “eat three bites”.


Have you played with your food lately.   I know Quirky Jessi has on his blog.     Tell me about the times you have “enjoyed” your food – and go vote for my genius tip on Kenmore’s Facebook page and make my day (better yet, upload your own tip and tell me about it so I can vote for you!).


  1. Love it! So much fun! Hope you win too!


  2. Haha, Rachel these are hilarious! How very fun and creative! I’ll check out the Kenmore contest and vote for you for sure! Not sure if I’ll be eligible to enter (I read your comment you left me earlier), but I’ll see. I hope your kids will learn to love their greens after this!

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