Play Dough Recipe: {Great Gift Idea} No Cook PlayDough

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We recently made the softest, almost silky play dough recipe.  My kids love to mold and create with play dough but this would also make a great gift idea.  This is the EASIEST play dough recipe because it is no cook play dough.  It only uses two ingredients and under 10 minutes to make.

Kids Activities Blog hopes you can use this as a staple “emergency birthday gift” idea.

Play Dough Recipe: {Great Gift Idea} No Cook PlayDough

Play Dough Recipe

After playing with the silky play dough, my hands feels like they came home from a spa treatment…  Seriously we LOVE this stuff.

NOTE: This is inedible play-dough and should not be used with kids who are still putting things into their mouths.

So what did we need to create our silky play dough?

  • 1 part Hair Conditioner
  • 2 parts Corn Starch.

That’s it.

We added some food coloring for diversity.

Since not all hair conditioners are the same consistency, you may need to alter the amounts just a bit so it is dough consistency.

Think of this as a mix between playdough and cloud dough.  It is light and airy like cloud dough, but molds better as the conditioner helps the cornstarch become more pliable.  Another fun thing you can make with cornstarch is Oobleck.  We’ve had lots of fun playing with oobleck in the past on Kids Activities Blog.

We have also made goop or silly putty with cornstarch.  It is such a fun ingredient to have in your craft cabinet!

play dough gift idea - no cook play dough recipe

Gift Idea

We made our Silky Play Dough as a gift for a friend.  We packaged the play dough up with glitter, a couple of play dough toys (rolling pin, cookie cutters, sequins, etc) and cupcake liners.  Everything a princess needs for her own magical pretend play.

{2 ingredient no cook play dough} Great gift ideas for kids - Play Dough Recipe

More Kids Activities

For another play dough recipe and more activities we’ve got you covered. What kid wouldn’t appreciate a gift idea like this!  Kids Activities Blog hopes you enjoy all the fun play dough kids activities we have for you:

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