Indoor Fun: Make Animals {Playdough}

Playdough is a favorite with most kids. There is just so much to do with it! Squish it, mix it, and there are so many playdough games.

Here is a great project to keep kids entertained with playdough as they make animals using playdough and other crafting items.  Kids Activities Blog hopes your little one (and you) enjoy this fun indoor activity.

Kids love being creative as they make animals from playdough.  Great kids activity!

Let the Playdough Fun Begin!

Our preschool  lesson themes are based on books and topics that Bear {4 yrs} has chosen to make sure that he is interested and invested in learning.   His latest choice was jungle animals.

Due to the freezing weather outside, we can’t go to the zoo to see animals that reside in the jungle.   So, we decided to bust out the Playdough and make our own!

Now, this craft works well with store bought playdough or you can make your own. We have a super simple playdough recipe that doesn’t take a lot of supplies or effort to make.

Here are all the supplies you need to make playdough animals. Playdough, pom poms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and string or twine laid out on a baking sheet to keep everything together.
Keep all your playdough animal creating supplies together using a baking sheet. It is a great way to avoid a mess!

Time To Make Playdough Animals

The materials we used were:

  • Tan, orange, and black Playdough
  • Twine
  • Orange, yellow, white, brown, and black craft pom poms
  • Different-sized google eyes
  • Animal print pipe cleaners

To set up our preschool activities, I have started using a method that I saw on The Iowa Farmer’s Wife.   I have been placing them on inexpensive baking sheets from the dollar store.

Not only do they help keep small items from rolling off of the table, they also allow me to group materials in a way that is appealing and inviting to my little learner.

It’s rare that I actually do my own projects alongside Bear because he tries to imitate me and gets frustrated.   Usually I just watch, comment, and ask questions.  But this activity was just too much for me to pass up and we each did our own thing.

Now we can begin crafting our playdough animals by creating a head and body. We can also add googly eyes, paint it with a paintbrush, and add a pipe cleaner tail!
It’s time to create a playdough animal. Give it some eyes, a body, and don’t forget its tail!

Hours of Indoor Fun  

Rolling out the dough into balls, cutting the pipe cleaners, and manipulating the small eyes gave Bear some good small motor practice and a sensory experience all rolled into one.

This is one of those activities that it is okay to take your time and doesn’t make a huge mess and is perfect for hours of fun inside, especially with the colder weather coming.

After we were done with our jungle animal Playdough creations, Bear and I gave them fun names.   He named his Cat-erfly  because it was a cat that could fly {do you see the wings?}   We worked together to name mine the Sniffer-ger  because it had a huge nose and a tiger print tail.

Making playdough animals is so much fun for the whole family. We both made cats and both are super cute and unique!
The playdough animals we made were cats! His is cat-erfly and mine is sniffer-ger.

A great literacy extension for this activity would be for your little learner to narrate or write their own story about their created animals to include: how they live, what they eat, their habitats, etc.

Perhaps you could even pair it up with some other activities or books. This would go great with these other Pete the Cat activities.

More Doughy Kids Activities

If you liked this playdough activity then you’ll love these other playdough crafts as well.

We can teach your how to make your very own playdough toys. While that craft is cool take it a step further and try out this tasty edible gluten free playdough!

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  1. Very nice activity for the kids. They would like this anyway but this activity is good to improve the motor skills of kids’ fingers.

  2. This is really neat idea my kids love play-dough, but have never seen them add GOOGLY eyes ect will show them later.

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