We love this collection of play dough recipes!   It’s so much fun to take things from the kitchen cabinets and turn it into something the kids can play with.   It’s also great to not have to make a run to the store every time your kids run out of play dough (or mush all the colors into one big brown blob.) Here are 90 play dough recipes for you to try with your kids, and the cool part is that many of them are even edible! 100 Homemade Play Dough Recipes

100 Homemade Play Dough Recipes

One of our all time favorites, this recipe requires no cooking, only two ingredients and is the silkiest, softest dough you’ll ever make! This essential oil play dough that includes peppermint will help your kids when their stomach is upset.   It’s the perfect sick day play idea. Do you have any leftover Peeps from Easter?   You can turn them into play dough!   (And it tastes yummy, too!) If you have a little one that puts everything in their   mouth, this edible recipe is perfect for you.   It also only needs three ingredients! Make mud!   This recipe looks just like mud (but smells like coffee).   So fun! Lemon essential oil is said to make you feel more energetic and happy, so we added a few drops to play dough for a bad mood cure! Marshmallows, peanut butter and powdered sugar make a delicious edible play dough recipe. This is one of the original play dough recipes that is incredibly colorful and super squishy.   Definitely a kid favorite! Make this peppermint patty play dough plus a dark chocolate dough and combine them for this delicious recipe that is actually edible! Make pretend chocolate ice cream with this fun recipe.   This is a fun way to ignite the imagination. 100 Homemade Play Dough Recipes Below are the other 90 play dough recipes.   You can even add your own!   By linking up, you give other blogs permission to link back to your site and use one photo in a roundup post.   Family friendly links only, please.
We have the best homemade playdough right here!

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