34 Clever Playdough Mats For Kids

Today we have collected 35 clever & creative playdough mats for kids from all over the internet and beyond. From alphabet play dough mats to monster playdough mats, we have themed mats and sensory play ideas for kids of all ages. Grab your kids, your play dough, and let’s get to playing!

Image shows a collage of circular pics, one is an orange bearded leprechaun, the others are of play dough from Kids Activities Blog.
Playdough mats are so much fun!

There is so much fun to be had with play dough mats! Everything is more fun with play dough! Among those, are letter formation and math skills. A great way to encourage young children through play is with a learning center full of personal use play dough mats. The best sensory experience comes from playdough activities that use fine motor muscles and the imaginations of little learners.

FAVORITE playdough Activities for kids

Free playdough mats allow kids to have a great time with their favorite friends. Once they decide on their free printable play dough mats they can decide on activities and fun games to play with a small group. 

Kids and fun play dough mats just go together!

That is one of the reasons why these cool free printable playdough mats are so great. These activities are a perfect way to encourage a little creativity from some and a lot from others! Playdough mats are a fun addition to any play center time and provide the perfect opportunity to improve upon their important fine motor skills.

If these playdough mats look like fun but you’re not the creative type, don’t worry we’ll provide all the help you’ll need!

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Image shows wooden sticks held together with orange playdough to make geometric triangle shapes on a white playdough mat with red, green, and yellow  letters from Kids Activities Blog.
Math is more fun with play dough!

1. Play with Math… through PlayDoh

Play with Math… through PlayDoh is a fun way to make math easier!

Image shows a collage of images. The top one is a head covered in multicolored play dough and the other two are of people covered in play dough from Pickle Bum.
Let’s make playdough people!

2. People Play Dough Mats

People playdough mats from Pickle Bums let kids create favorite characters.

Image shows printable mats of pink, yellow, and blue butterflies and red and black lady bugs with some uncolored and lots of green grass and blue skies from Itsy Bitsy Fun.
Spring means new playdough fun!

3. Spring Play Dough Mats

After the cold winter months, this play dough mat from Itsy Bitsy Fun is refreshing!

Image shows a digraph playdough mat for the sound ch with pictures of cheese in black and white and also yellow, a red cherry, a yellow chick, a peach, and a brown branch from Playdough To Plato.
First grade students will love these mats!

4. Digraph Playdough Mats Activity

Children will love learning letter sounds with these printable pages from Playdough To Plato.

Picture shows a collage of images of pizza, big red lips with teeth, noodles and zoo animals behind playdough bars from This Reading Mama.
Play dough letters are so much fun!

5. Alphabet Playdough Mats

Alphabet playdough mats from This Reading Mama encourage letter recognition.

Picture shows a tray of play dough and beads and a playdough number mat with the number 10 made from blue play dough and a basket of ten things from Playdough To Plato.
Loose parts are great for counting!

6. Number Playdough Mats

Number formation is more fun with number playdough mats from Playdough To Plato.

Image shows a playdough number one mat wit a green circle for placing one item, a spot for a play dough 1 and 1 red apple from Playdough To Plato.
Let’s count apples!

7. Free Apple Playdough Mats

Learn each number word in sequence with play dough number mats from Playdough To Plato.

Image show a little girl dressed in pink placing brown playdough chocolate chips on a playdough mat tan cookie from Coffee Cups And Crayons.
Playdough mats make learning fun!

8. Cookie Math Play Dough Mat Busy Bag

Let Coffee Cups And Crayons help your child learn through cookie math.

Image shows a play dough mat with a yellow and blue kite and a description and a spot for the playdough kite to go and the shape word from Life Over C's.
Shape learning with play dough!

9. Free 2D Shape Play Dough Mats

Print these shape playdough mats from Life Over C’s and place them in a page protector.

Image shows an analog clock without hands on the playdough mat and playdough in red and blue are shaped to form the hands from This Reading Mama.
A perfect way to tell time!

10. Telling Time – Clock Playdough Mats

These fun playdough mats from This Reading Mama will have little hands telling time with playdough hands.

Picture shows an image of playdough mat with a giraffe and a leafless tree with 5 added playdough leaves from PreKinder.
Let’s feed the giraffe!

11. Feed the Giraffe Play Dough Mats

These sheets from PreKinders are a perfect addition to math centers.

Image shows playdough mats with a yellow and orange cat and it's empty blue food bowl and a brown and tan dog and it's empty blue food bowl from PreKinder.
Feeding the pets with playdough!

12. Dog & Cat Food Play Dough Mats

This is a great activity to learn number sense from PreKinders.

Image shows a picture of a playdough mat leprechaun and his facial features that are in orange from Gift Of Curiosity.
Lucky playdough leprechaun!

13. St. Patrick’s Day Play Dough Mats

Enjoy these free downloads for a lucky holiday from Gift of Curiosity.

Image shows a shape playdough mat that is for a square and the square is in green playdough from Fantastic Fun And Learning.
Can you find the correct shapes?

14. Shape Play Dough Mats

Grab all the free printables from Fantastic Fun And Learning for different shapes.

Image shows a Christmas tree with red and white playdough circles and lines fro decoration from This Reading Mama.
Let’s decorate free Christmas playdough mats!

15. Christmas and Winter Playdough Mats

Grab these free winter playdough mats from This Reading Mama.

Image shows a playdough mat of the word peg and the p and g are playdough letters in orange from This Reading Mama.
Words are more fun to write with playdough!

16. Free Short Vowel Playdough Mats

Playdough mats like these from This Reading Mama are great to use with erasable markers too.

Image shows an assortment of playdough mats in a plethora of colors of faces, flowers in pots, a plate and others from The Aloha Hut.
Create your own playdough scene!

17. 5 Free Printable Playdough Mats To Inspire Creativity

Enjoy 5 different ways to create with playdough from The Aloha Hut.

Image shows a flower stem and grass in green with the petals of the flower petals being lime green with a green A in the center of the petals from Learn With Play At Home.
Make beautiful playdough flowers!

18. Playdough Flower Mat Free Printable

Learn capital letters with these fun mats from Learn With Play At Home.

Picture shows an image of a boy with a birthday hat decorated with red and blue playdough from The Chaos And The Clutter.
Birthdays are more fun with playdough mats!

19. Understanding Emotions Birthday Party Printable Playdough Mats

Have a big time with these birthday playdough mats from The Chaos And The Clutter.

Picture shows depictions of a head and upper bodies of family members as playdough mats to decorate with blue and green borders on the mats and the hair as brown playdough and shirts are yellow playdough from Teaching Mama.
These are our favorite family photos!

20. Family Play Dough Mats

Dress the entire family with these playdough mats from Teaching Mama.

Image shows alphabet mats in E with a grey elephant and a purple playdough A with a green alligator from Playdough To Plato.
Let’s make playdough letters!

21. Must-try Playdough Mats

Our favorite ways to practice letters are with playdough mats from Playdough To Plato.

Image shows the head of a princess with playdough for red hair, red lips, and blue eyes and the crown from Nurture store.
Pretty, pretty playdough princess!

22. Princess Play Dough Play Mat Printable

Let your little princess learn from this little princess from the Nurture Store.

Image shows a space ship, and the moon and stars with a dark background. The ship, moon, and stars are made with gold, blue, and red playdough from Nurture Store.
Playdough makes space better!

23. Space Play Dough Play Mat Printable

Print these mats from the Nurture Store for easy winter preschool activities.

Image shows yellow oval like shapes to cover with playdough facial features to look like a minion from Pickle Bums.
Playdough Minions are so cool!

24. Make a Minion! Free Printable Minion Play Dough Mats

There’s no wrong way to create a playdough Minion from Pickle Bums.

Image shows playdough mats with purple and blue, yellow and pink, and pink and yellow cupcakes from Living Well Mom.
Does anyone have sprinkles?

25. Free Printable Playdough Mats For Preschool – Cupcake Pretend Play

Preschool play is just delicious with these mats from Living Well Mom.

Image shows a playdough mat of a yellow hat at the top and the bottom is a yellow playdough mat hat decorated with an assortment of play colors and designs from Pickle Bums.
Hats and Easter go hand in hand!

26. Easter Play Dough Mats – Free Printable

Easter playdough mats are so much fun to decorate from Pickle Bums.

Image shows a letter 8 playdough mat with a green fluffy tree from Life Over C's.
Let’s count with playdough!

27. Free Tree Play Dough Number Mats Counting 1 to 10

Counting with playdough trees is an easy way to learn numbers from Life Over C’s.

Image shows a blue snail playdough mat decorated with sticks and beads from Pickle Bums.
Playdoh snails are so much fun!

28. Beautiful Bugs Playdough Mats – Free Printable.

Go all out and decorate these bug mats with googly eyes from Pickle Bums.

Picture shows two images of pink, dark blue, and light blue flower pots with the bottom image containing a playdough blue flower, a palm tree, and three carrots from Pickle Bums.
Create your favorite things with playdough1

29. Free Printable Garden Play Dough Mats

Make a vegetable and flower garden with these playdough mats from Pickle Bums.

Image shows printed pictures of containers for catching bugs of the playdough variety from Modern Preschool.
Let’s catch some playdough bugs!

30. Bug Catcher Counting & Number Play Dough Mats

These printables from Modern Preschool are a bug catcher’s heaven!

Image shows a mat with blue sky, with yellow, and green grass with butterfly in purple, blue, and green playdough and one of red, orange, and green and red and blue flowers from Artsy Craftsy Mom.
Flying butterfly playdough!


This playdough mat from Artsy Craftsy Mom encourages hand-eye coordination for little ones.

Image shows playdough mats with a number 2 in orange playdough and a number 3 printed with pictures of green cacti with orange flowers from Stay At Home Educator.
1 cactus, two cacti, 3!

32. Cactus Theme Number Formation Playdough Mats

Use these mats from Stay At Home Educator to teach numbers and a little cacti science too!

Image shows a blue playdough mat to symbolize water with a playdough octopus in green, an orange fish, and green plants from Nurture Store.
Create your own sea world with playdough mats!

33. Under The Sea Play Dough Play Mat Printable

This is not your everyday playdough mat; it’s an entire ecosystem from Nurture Store.

Image shows yellow, blue , orange, and red blobs that represent monsters decorated with playdough and small items like beads in varying colors from Pickle Bums.
Playdough monsters are fun, not scary!

34. Monster Play Dough Mats

Your child will have so much fun making cute monsters on these mats from Pickle Bums.


Which of the clever and creative playdough mats for kids are you going to try first? Which play dough mat is your favorite?

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