20 {Yummy} Recipes for Hot Chocolate

We are so excited about these 20 recipes for hot chocolate. This is one of our favorite Christmas traditions…one that extends all winter long!

Every Christmas Eve we sit together as a family, read the Christmas Story, and drink hot coco together before the kids have a family slumber party sleeping around the Christmas tree.   It is one of the activities on our “Count-Down To Christmas” calendar. Hot coco is a tradition I enjoyed with my parents as a child.

20 {Yummy} Recipes for Hot Chocolate

My hope is that these moments, these traditions, the kids will grasp and remember warmly for the rest of their lives.  In anticipation of this Christmas Eve, I am drooling over hot chocolate recipes, varieties, gift ideas and more.

20+ hot chocolate recipes and gifting ideas

 Recipes for Hot Chocolate

  1. This is a great recipe for on how to make hot chocolate creamy, sweet AND – using only three ingredients!
  2. Want some Spicy Hot Chocolate?  Check out this recipe calling for chipotle chili powder and more!
  3. Do your kids prefer a milky hot coco?  Mine do and love stirring Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows into steamed milk!
  4. Have dairy-intolerant kiddos?  Try a dairy/gluten-free recipe – Coconut Hot Coco!!
  5. Another “stirring” option is to create a batch of chocolate spoons. Just stir these into hot water/milk for a fresh cup.
  6. Hot Coco made from ice cream??  And yes, it’s “hot” and yes, I want seconds!
  7. Another variety of Hot Coco is White Hot Chocolate.  This sounds too good to be true – going to try it soon!
  8. For Mommies at a Christmas play-date, how about serving some Mocha with Italian Sweet Cream?  Scrumptious.
  9.  Nutella Hot Chocolate.  Need we say more?  Two of my favorite things combines into a drink – yummy!
  10. Peanut Butter + Chocolate = Win!  This drink is great for a couple of my kids who struggle with getting enough protein (and are on the low percentile).
  11. Coco Pods are easy to make in muffin tin liners – you can create a collection of varieties.  Pop them into a glass of steamed milk – yummy!
  12. This drink mix is inexpensive to make and tastes gourmet!   Make a batch of Salted Carmel Coco Mix.
  13. Mayan Hot Chocolate – this is great layered into a jar as a gift.  Spicy, sweet & hot!
  14. What a fun way to gift drink mixes – add the ingredients in a plastic icing bag.  It’s a “Drink” cone.
  15. Hot Chocolate truffles are delicious!  Drop one of these balls into a glass of coconut milk, almond milk or regular steamed.  Terrific solo too!
  16. Hot Chocolate Mug Cakes.  These would be a great housewarming gift or something to give to a neighbor this Christmas.
  17. We are in Texas and some December days are too hot for true hot coco – this is a great option for warm days… Frrrozen Hot Chocolate.
  18. Use hot coco to create fudgsicles.  Pour the mix into Popsicle molds, freeze and enjoy.
  19. Hot Chocolate Pudding – this recipe uses a touch of orange zest for a zing.  For kids who want hot chocolate without the “hot”, this is a great option!
  20. Cookies are great to dip – especially if they taste like hot coco!!  Double blessings!  Love Hot Chocolate Cookies
  21. We aren’t the only ones with a dark drink tradition – check out this Hot Coco Bar from a blogging pal, Gina.

….And your bonus extra:  Make your own marshmallows to go with that hot chocolate!!  Bean Town Baker has a recipe for peppermint marshmallows.

Christmas Traditions

Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition with your family?  I’d love to hear about it!  

Do you have a favorite hot chocolate recipe?  What about other winter recipes?  Here are a few favorites from Kids Activities Blog:

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