12 {Fantastic} Things for Kids to do with Pumpkins

Wondering what to do with your kids and pumpkins? Well, we here are some of our favorite pumpkin activities!

12 things to do with pumpkins

Autumn Activities: With Pumpkins!!

Want to know what to eat for Breakfast in the fall?  Make Gluten-free pumpkin pancakes – These would be a yummy fall breakfast treat for the kids to enjoy.

Who says that all the pumpkins you decorate are the kind that sit on the porch?  Have your pick of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies or these pumpkin oatmeal cookies.   Decorate  to give them faces.

Have Fun Playing Personality – it’s a fun pumpkin activity – play drama and bring your squash to life.  This post uses the pieces of a potato head to give the pumpkins personality.

Experiment and explore with Pumpkins – as part of a pumpkin lesson theme, this family put pumpkins in water to watch them float, then had fun cutting them apart to see the “guts”.

For a fall craft that gives, consider making a Pumpkin Gift bag out of ribbons, or paper.  This is a great tutorial.

things for kids to do with pumpkins

Silly Pumpkin Faces

12 things to do with pumpkins

We love playing in the bathtub, this Pumpkin pouf would be a great addition as a homemade toy for a preschooler.

Paint and pumpkins are a great combination to create fall art – let your kids drizzle paint over the pumpkin and personalize them with letters.

A fun fall activity is to share secret messages – via mini pumpkins, made from egg cartons.

Journal and sketch the “death of a pumpkin” in this rotting science experiment.

Mix up the homemade pumpkin decorations this year, add stickers and pipecleaners to create your silly faces.

Here is a simple pumpkin craft for preschoolers.  Paint a paper plate orange, use bits of black construction paper for the face and use green handprints for the leaves!

You can create fall faces on almost any surface in this math game for kids, we used rocks that were painted orange with blue faces.

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