Leprechaun Craft: A St. Patrick’s Day Handprint Man

St. Patrick’s day is this Sunday!  We still wanted to give out some Irish cheer to all of our friends and family- so we needed to do one more St. Patrick’s day activity!  Since I love doing crafts with Rory’s hands and feet (since I love to see how they grow over time) I thought it would be fun to make little Leprechauns with Rory’s hands as beards.  This activity was also a good way for us to learn colors.  I made sure to stress using the WHITE paint for the hand prints and drawing the ORANGE beards and putting on the ORANGE hats.  (Always looking for good ways to teach Rory!) leprechaun craft

Materials Needed:

  • Paper- for leprechaun
  • Paint- for the hand prints
  • Markers- to draw the face
  • Colored paper- for leprechaun hats- I used orange and black
  • Optional: shamrock stickers

leprechaun craft

We first got some paper to make hand prints– I chose to do it on green paper.  I wanted to use orange paint for the handprints, but it turns out I only had white, so we made it work and our leprechauns are going to be a bit gray!  I painted Rory’s hands and we painted the hand prints on the green paper.

While they were drying we got out some orange paper and cut out hats.  I had scraps of black paper around and decided to cut and use them for the hats.  Lastly, we added a shamrock sticker (that I got at AC Moore for $1) to add for the hats.

We went back to the hand prints after they were dry, and we drew little faces on them.  We added a smile, a nose and some eyes.  Then I let Rory color orange hair on them (so they don’t look like little old men!)  And we added the hats.

We finished by adding little phrases on them for our friends!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! leprechaun craft

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Havalyn is a stay at home mama with a beautiful girl with CFD (congenital femoral deficiency). She devotes her days to helping her grow and develop by doing crafts and activities together. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family, anything artsy, working out, music, baking, and reading. Hava writes about her life at Rory Jane and Little Right Leg and tweets as @LittleRightLeg.