Today we have a big list of free St Patrick’s Day printables for kids.  Printable St Patricks Day coloring pages, free St Patricks Day worksheets, fun games, awesome mazes, printable leprechaun traps templates and more that make it really easy to celebrate with very little set up to use for a St Patricks Day party, in the classroom or at home.

Free St Patricks Day printables for kids - Kids Activities Blog
Oh so many free St Paddy’s Day printables to choose from!

St Patrick’s Day Printables For Kids – Free!

Parents and teachers love St. Patricks printables because with a quick download, they have a holiday themed activity for kids in a matter of seconds!

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Saint Patrick’s Day has some of the cutest printables, ever!  It is all about shamrocks, clovers, four leaf clovers, pots of gold, leprechauns, rainbows and so much other St Patricks magic.

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St Patricks Day Preschool Worksheet Pack

We are going to start this big list of St. Patrick’s Day Printables with a preschool pack from Kids Activities Blog that you can download and print from right here (below – see the green button).

Free St Patricks Day Printable Preschool Worksheet Pack from Kids Activities Blog - shown are 4 of the pdf pages from the 10 page pack
This is just 4/10 pages from the St. Patrick’s Day printable preschool worksheet pack!

This free printable St Patrick’s Day worksheets: Preschool worksheet pack has 10 pages of fun for your little one:

  1. St. Patrick’s Day coloring page with the letters “St. Patrick’s Day” open for coloring, two shamrocks and a leprechaun filled with mischief.
  2. Shamrock beginner tracing practice page – three shamrocks at the top with dotted lines for preschoolers to trace.  The first line has one bend in it, the second tracing line is straight and the third tracing line has a curve and reverse curve.
  3. Shamrock advanced tracing practice page – three shamrocks at the top of this tracing practice page with dotted lines leading upward.  The first has a squared saw-tooth pattern for tracing, the second tracing practice line contains a zig-zag pattern the the third dotted line for tracing is a gentle curve.
  4. Printable St. Patricks Day I Spy Game – Count and record the number of St. Patricks themed items you can find:  leprechaun, shamrock, rainbow, pot of gold and leprechaun head.
  5. Leprechaun color by letter (like a color by number) printable page – Color the leprechaun by following the color legend for the colors pink, blue, green, black and orange with the letters L, S, B, R and U.
  6. St. Patricks Spot the Differences Pictures – check out the scene of a leprechaun dancing at the end of a rainbow with a pot of gold and find 5 differences in the pictures.
  7. 2 St. Patrick’s Day Preschool counting worksheets – preschoolers can count the number of St. Patrick’s Day items in the box and circle the corresponding number.  By the end of the two counting worksheets, they will have identified 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 10 items.
  8. 2 Follow the directions St. Patrick’s Day coloring activities worksheets – In these preschool worksheets, kids are directed to color a certain number of St. Patricks items in the box.  Instructions include: Color 5 clovers, color 6 clovers, color 1 leprechaun and color 2 pots of gold.

This printable St. Patricks Day preschool pack is perfect for preschool level fun at home or in the classroom.  Older toddlers that are starting to count may like several of the printable activities as well.  You can select from the pack what St. Patricks Day worksheets you might think best for Kindergarten level as well.

Download & Print St Patrick’s Day Preschool Worksheet PDF Files Here

Memory game from 123 Homeschool 4 Me
Printable Memory Game from!

More St. Patricks Day Worksheets & Preschool Printables

  • This St Patrick’s Day preschool printable worksheet pack from 123Homeschool 4 Me has circle the correct number worksheets, which one is different worksheet, circle the next one in the pattern worksheet and a memory game page.  The packet is themed with leprechaun top hats, lucky horseshoes, gold coins, rainbows, shamrocks, pots of gold, leprechaun shoes and four leaf clovers.
  • This simple St. Patricks themed worksheet set comes from First School.  It includes coloring pages, pattern worksheets, leprechaun hat color and shapes page, simple maze, and a shamrock color and cut out page.
  • These cute free preschool worksheets filled with St. Patricks Day fun are from Preschool Printable Activities.  The printable worksheet collection includes counting green worksheet, matching leprechaun worksheet, St. Patricks Day pattern page, big and small St. Patricks Day page, count and color and a how many worksheet perfect for preschool age kids.
  • This bright St. Patricks Day Preschool Printable set comes from Preschool Mom.  It contains rainbow coloring pages, maze activity pages, tracing practice and a cut, pattern block picture page, scissor skills page, geoboard picture page, shape identification worksheet, number game, pattern cards and paste practice page.  It is themed with rainbows and pots of golds along with other St. Patricks day items!
  • These free St. Patricks Day printables are geared for ages 2-7 from Tot Schooling and include fine motor skill development, math, literacy, do-a-dot, tracing, coloring, playdough mats, games, puzzles and more.
Pot o gold free printable St Patricks Day worksheet from All Kids Network - Kids Activities Blog
Grab this free St Paddy’s Day printable from

Free St Patricks Day Kindergarten Printables

  • Check out the St. Patricks Day Worksheets and Printables available from Education.  There is fun facts, traditions, word searches, trace and color pages, dot-to-dot worksheets, coloring pages, maze, crossword puzzles, math worksheets, tracing letters worksheets, jokes, connect the dots, counting, letter path worksheets and word scrambles.
  • These St. Patricks Worksheets from All Kids Network are perfect for the Kindergarten level and there are several that work for older kids as well.  They have a reading comprehension page, color by number – beginner and advanced, tracing lines, count and color worksheets, writing worksheet, word search, what’s wrong picture, math worksheets, handwriting worksheets, matching worksheets, printable calendar, left and right worksheet, alphabetical order worksheet, spelling worksheet, number line worksheet and a poem composition worksheet.
  • Saint Patrick’s Day worksheets for Kindergartners can be found at Jumpstart (link no longer available) too!  There is a true and false worksheet, acrostic poem, unscrambled activities, symbol match, word hunt, spelling quiz, handwriting practice, counting worksheets, missing letter activity worksheet, St. Patricks quiz, and so many more fun St. Patrick’s Day printable fun.
  • Lots of free St. Patricks learning worksheets for Kindergarten from A to Z Teacher Stuff.  There are over 20 free printable worksheet sets with everything from noun/verb file folder game, number puzzles, opposite matching worksheets, skip counting activities, fill in the missing number printable, playdough mat, measurement sheets, counting to 100 worksheets and so much more!

Leprechaun Trap Printables

One of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day traditions is building a leprechaun trap. My daughter loves planning it out each year, and then making her own creation! 

  • When she wakes up on St. Patrick’s Day, she runs right for the trap to see if she’s caught a leprechaun. She has yet to catch the elusive creature, but he always leaves a mess of green glitter, tiny green footprints, chocolate gold coins, and a little surprise she has been wanting, like a book, or a small toy.
  • Leprechauns also love to do pranks, like turning milk green, or even your toilet water! One year, the leprechaun somehow brought our Elf On The Shelf, Snowflake, back from the North Pole, and left her tied up in mini Christmas lights inside the leprechaun trap, trying to frame her for all of his mischief!
  • You can make a trap at home, or create one for your classroom.  It is even easier with the printable leprechaun traps we have listed below…
leprechaun-bait-trap from Personal Creations
This is the cutest leprechaun trap…ever!

1. Leprechaun Trap Cottage Printable

This adorable printable cottage set you can print out from Personal Creations and then cut out and fold into a leprechaun trap cottage with door, coins, rainbow and pot of gold.  There is even a sign instructing the leprechaun to “enter here”.

Leprechaun Trap Printable Projects from The Crafting Chicks
My favorite leprechaun trap printable is the rainbow slide!

2. Rainbow Slide Leprechaun Trap Printable

I love these four ideas for leprechaun traps (all with their own leprechaun trap printable) from The Crafting Chicks.  My favorite of the selection of printable leprechaun traps is the rainbow slide.  I mean, I would be tricked into that without much encouraging…

leprechaun trap printable from dltk holidays
Print out the leprechaun trap template!

3. Printable Leprechaun Trap Template

Check out the printable leprechaun trap template from DLTK Holidays.  This one uses a square tissue box as the base for the leprechaun enticing.  They also have a printable leprechaun trap template that uses a coffee can.

printable leprechaun trap from little bins for little hands
This printable leprechaun trap is a garden!

4. Printable Garden Leprechaun Trap Pattern

Download and print the leprechaun trap pattern from Little Bins for Little Hands.  It makes this adorable garden with ladder and rainbow that no self-respecting leprechaun could ever resist!

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Free St Patricks Day Coloring Pages for Kids

1. Shamrock Coloring Pages You Can Download & Print

These shamrock coloring pages are super fun for kids. Even the younger kids can get involved with the big simple shapes…grab your green crayon!

2. Pictures to Color for St Patricks Day

With this coloring poster, you have really fun St Patricks Day pictures to color including free leprechaun pictures.

3. Color St Patricks Day Doodles!

Check out these fun color pages St Patricks Day that are full of all the things associated with the luck of the Irish.

St. Patricks Day printable for kids - paper dolls from Kids Activities Blog
This St. Paddy’s Day paper doll set is adorable!

St Patrick’s Day Printables Kids Will Love

1. Make a Leprechaun Paper Doll

You have to check out the St. Patrick’s Day paper doll set you can download & print here at Kids Activities Blog.  It was designed by Jen Goode who always know how to celebrate with printable fun!

2. Print & Play our Free St Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt

Kids of all ages can get involved in our free printable St Patricks Day scavenger hunt and look for things that are associated with the green holiday.

More St. Patrick’s Day Fun from Kids Activities Blog

If you’re looking for more inspiration to get your party started, check out these links!

Which St. Patrick’s Day printable are you downloading first?

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