10 Fun Ways to Learn the ABC’s

Learning your ABC’s is a critical part of early childhood education.  Inspired by Growing Book by Book, we’re sharing our favorite ways to learn the alphabet and letter recognition.  Step away from the flash cards, and start having fun!

10 Fun Ways to Learn the ABC's

10 Fun Ways to Learn the ABC’s

1.  Throwing away the pencil and using bendable household items for learning  ABC’s  is a great  alphabet activity  for little ones!

2.  Runaway Letter is a running game to practice letter recognition and sounds that represents each of the letters.

3.  These  alphabet character puppets  are a fun way to discuss each letter and talk about words that start with that specific letter.

4.  Letter Parking Garage helps with learning the letters in a child’s name. The bonus is that it helps to organize all those little toy cars and trucks, too.

5.  Use cardstock and crayons to create a book with a page about each letter of the alphabet.  Punch wholes and string together to make a little book.

6.  Letter in a Tree is a science activity wrapped up with letter recognition too!

7.  Here is a sensory bin idea for each letter of the alphabet.  Every letter is represented in a huge list of sensory activities.

8.  This is hide and seek with a literacy twist!  Here are two versions of playing a fun game while practicing letter recognition at the same time.

9.  Alphabet exercise is so much fun!  Every letter of the alphabet has a corresponding exercise like D for dance and G for gallop.

10.  Take the ABC’s outside and hide letters around your yard like an easter egg hunt.  When they find them all, they have to match them onto a game board you can make.


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