Everything families need to know about non-medical face masks, comfortable face coverings, DIY mask projects and where to buy nose mouth cloth masks that kids will not only love, but are comfortable enough to wear all day…even at school.

Huge Resource of Face Mask & Non-Medical Face Coverings for the Whole Family

Huge Resource of Face Mask & Non-Medical Face Coverings for the Whole Family

I don’t think anyone in the entire world could have predicted that Kids Activities Blog would become a resource for mandated face coverings in 2020.  But here we are!

And we are up to the challenge for all things face masks for kids…and beyond!

Help you child with face mask reequipments! Find face masks and coverings that kids will wear - resources from Kids Activities Blog.
Tip #1: Have fun with Face Masks for kids! Teddy bears need masks too…

Mom, Why Do I Have to Wear a Face Mask?

Hey, I get it.  This isn’t something any of us would choose and it seems super unfair that everything is made more complicated by face coverings!  They are hot, hard to breathe through and make ears hurt.

Giving kids a reason behind why we are all wearing masks beyond “do it for others” or  “science”, makes it real for them and helps justify the irritation wearing a face mask can cause.

That is where a little story can be fun to explain to kids the importance of covering their nose & mouth…

You may have seen the meme online that mocks wearing masks — it describes cloth face coverings as about as effective as a flea vs. a chain link fence.  I really like how Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) re-framed that with the addition of a dog to the story.

Why Wear a Face Mask Printable for kids.
Face mask Cartoon helps kids understand!

Download & Print a copy of this WHY YOU SHOULD WEAR A FACE MASK PRINTABLE: Dog Flea Fence Story

Science has shown that the coronavirus uses droplets as a vehicle for spread.  That is why it is important to cover the mouth when you cough or sneeze.  Think about the flea being the virus and the dog being the droplets required for transportation.  Now it is pretty obvious why a chain link fence (face covering) could be helpful!

Finding a Mask Kids are Willing to Wear

As kids are required to wear cloth face coverings and protective masks, it can be challenging to find something they not only like, but are comfortable enough to wear all day.  Wearing a face mask is hard enough as an adult!  Add in childhood quirks, behaviors and some sensory issues and all of a sudden wearing a mask is a battle.

Thankfully, surgical masks and medical masks like N95 are not what is mandated for kids.  The cloth mask alternatives are much more wearable — especially if you are talking about wearing masks all day at school, on a plane or at a destination like Disney!

Cloth Face Covering Facts We Love

There is all sorts of good information about COVID-19 vs. face coverings over at the CDC website.

To properly wear a cloth mask:

  1. Wash your hands before putting on the face covering.
  2. Place the covering over your nose and mouth.
  3. Secure the mask under your chin and make sure the sides and top fit snugly.
  4. Take a deep breath!  Make sure you can breathe easily!

To remove a cloth mask correctly:

  1. Untie the strings or stretch the ear loops.
  2. Handle by the ties or loops only.
  3. Fold corners together.
  4. If it is reusable, place in washing machine.
  5. Be careful not to touch eyes, nose and mouth before washing hands.

Remember…and this is a hard one…don’t touch your face!  One of the good things about wearing a mask is it is a reminder to keep your hands away.

Wondering about when to wear fabric masks?  The World Health Organization has some answers.

Need more mask information?  I really like this article from the Mayo Clinic that dives deep into all the different types of masks and how they relate to COVID-19.

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