I know wearing a mask out in public is important, not just for myself but for others too. But here in the Midwest it’s been super hot and humid lately.

Combine that heat with wearing a mask, and, well, it can feel a bit draining. That’s one of the reasons I love this mask idea from City Farmer. Spruce up the smell of your mask with a little help from your herb garden!

City Farmer suggests adding herbs, like oregano or lavender, to your mask to freshen it up. Source: Facebook/City Farmer

What herbs can you add to your mask?

Different herbs can encourage different moods.

If you’re feeling anxious, use chamomile or lavender, for example. Other herbs, as suggested by City Farmer, are known for their antimicrobial properties too; some of those include oregano, thyme, and lemon verbena.


While some people put a drop or two of essential oils on their masks, you can also go direct to the source and use fresh herbs instead. As City Farmer shared on their Facebook page, simply tuck those herbs into the filter pocket of your mask (along with the filter itself too, of course).

What a fabulous idea to freshen up your mask, all while adding a calming scent!


Worried about putting an herb directly into the mask itself? City Farmer says you can still get the wonderful fresh scent by making a sachet first.

A sachet is a small perfumed bag. To make a sachet, you can either use a coffee filter or buy a tea filter bag (like these).

Add the herb to the sachet then add the sachet to the mask. And voila! You’ve just safely perfumed your mask so it stays fresh all day long, even on hot and humid days.

Source: Amazon

City Farmer is a gathering place for people interested in urban farming and community gardening. Be sure to visit their page to get more fabulous tips related to herbs, gardens, and urban gardens!


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